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Thread: Online retailer ratings

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    Default Online retailer ratings

    Following this thread Prophet suggested that we have one in which MyGamers can praise or lambaste online retailers. The idea is to get the word out on which online stores are most deserving of your hard earned cash, and which should be boycotted. [Is that too strong a word?]

    With any luck, we might even end up with etailer representatives monitoring this thread.

    Over to you.
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    Recent purchase:
    Roccat Kone+ and Roccat Sense

    ZapsOnline shipping didn't had my old pretoria residential code and it seems I failed to let them know about it. Shipping showed R149-R199, which kinda upset me as i were already spending about 1K so I went with Rebeltech. Zaps however as always went out of their way to correct mistake (shipping code now fixed) and my gears of war purchase is with them. I'll report back on that one. Rebeltech was fast and efficient, however their notice system was behind what was actually happening. On Monday I received the goods and all notices at once saying shipping, shipped and delivered.

    Will I still shop with Zaps? of course !
    Will I shop again with RebelTech? most definitely their pricing on GPU's seemed very good.

    In the end:
    RebelTech - Impressed by smooth sale, not so much about their notice system.
    Zaps - Not so much initial err about shipping costs, it costed them a sale. However still greatly impressed by customer care and service.
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    Any chance of this thread being made sticky? Please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RustPuppet View Post
    // Previously known as Blind Faith or Pr⊕phet
    // Sign up to Greenman Gaming and get $2 FREE in-store credit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustPuppet View Post
    Thank you

    Have any of you heard of ? I was looking at the prices of some of their products earlier this week and found the prices suspiciously cheap. Grey importer?
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    Recent purchase : Grens Oorlog DVD Collection and PS3 - Red Dead Redemption from
    Had Grens Oorlog on my wish list , the moment they got stock they emailed me.
    Package was shipped free of charge as it was over R350 , from Cape Town to JHB.
    Received at my office in Sandton , no problems at all.
    Ive actualy built my entire pc from , service has always been excellent.
    And when ever i seemed to buy an expencive item from them like a motherboard or a few hard drives they throw in a little something extra like a baseball cap from Mushken or stickers for my pc.

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    Brilliant post, only 1 review but it already oppened my eyes

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    I have bought items from Prophecy, Zapsonline and Sybaratic in the past.

    All had given me great service. I don't shop online anymore as I now work at a PC retail store and can get stuff at cost.

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    I know that this was not from a online store but the purchase was all made on line.

    I would just like to give a shout out to Joker, If there was some kind of member's trophy or award I would nominate him, He has been building a rig for me and I only have good things to say about the machine as well as Joker. He constantly kept my updated and delivered as promissed. He exceeded what I expected and wanted buy FAR, I really has been noting but a pleasure. This is the rig he built me.

    - I7 2600k @ 4Ghz - Biostar TZ68A+ -
    - 8 GiG Patriot G2 DDRIII 1600 - Sapphire 6970 2GiG BFBC2 Edition -
    - Aerocool 600W Modular PSU - Aerocool Xpredator Evil Black -
    - Acer 24" LED - Razor Arctosa - Asus ROG GX900

    I rate him as a supplier 10 out of 10

    So again thanks Joker

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