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Thread: Blizzard - Diablo 3 / World of warcraft and My thoughts on it

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    Default Blizzard - Diablo 3 / World of warcraft and My thoughts on it

    I used to play World of Warcraft , non stop , for many many years.
    I had a level 60 mage on the US servers before the EU realms came online , and then proceeded to level every class to 60.

    Even before the 1st expansion pack I completely finished ALL content ,
    Doing Hakkar was a fun run for my guild to spend the time as we already completed past BWL.
    I remember the farming for supplies for opening of the AQ Gates , something few people remember.
    I was actually bored as I had leveled every race with different classes to level 60. I was dedicated beyond belief.
    There was litteraly nothing left for my guild to do.And believe me , back then getting the gold for a mount was HARD .. if I had to tell people now , how hard it was back then , they would think im a bloody lier.
    Having gone through all the content and knowing all the lore .. we all waited for the expansion pack with baited breath.

    Then came the burning crusade , and with running daily quests and getting to learn all the tactics , so we chewed up and spat out all the endgame content , when frozen throne came out , we were ready to rock.
    This is when the trouble of real life started , being in a relationship takes its toll , you start missing raids and before you know it , you are without a guild . You then join a guild for casual gaming and in due time , discover that some content is out of your reach , and you have no means of running it , anyone whos ever tried to PUG end game content will know how much of a joke it is.

    That said , I can now tell you ,
    I was a hardcore gamer , I am now a casual gamer.

    Blizzard recently announced how Diablo 3 will require being online to play ,
    Now I understand completely how Starcraft2 had this requirement ,
    But then , Starcraft 2 is an RTS and Diablo is a RPG , so I have to wonder ,
    will Diablo 3 have a MMORPG component ?
    We already know both will feature the Auction House that World of Warcraft is famous for..
    Does the MMORPG component stop there ? OR will there be instances ?
    If there will be instances will there be Raids where you will rely on the playing ability and gear of other players to clear an instance , I have to ask now , will there be Guilds ?

    My one hope for Diablo 3 , is that the casual gamer will be able to clear endgame content.

    The majority of my free time is now dedicated to my family ,
    I do hope that this doesnt become a situation where casual gamers are left out in the cold when it comes to endgame content.

    Now I know people are going to say that Diablo is a RPG and not a MMORPG ,
    But I have to wonder while Blizzard are already implementing MMORPG components into it , where is it headed ?
    The idea of everyone being online already , it isnt such a big leap of faith to think that you might see endgame content that allows you to join a queue and play alongside other players to complete a quest ..
    (I only ever played Diablo 2 Single player so I have no idea how the dynamics worked online)

    Just wondering.

    Let me know your thoughts and if you feel this was a good post give me some +rep love?

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    The more I think about it , the more Diablo3 is looking like a MMORPG..
    Lets think in this for a moment,
    Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

    We already know Diablo3 is a RPG , so check.
    Is it online ? well .. yes .. so .. Check.
    Is It Mass Multiplayer ? Well .. the auction house already requires people to buy and sell on it ..
    Does it stop there ?

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    One of the main reasons why Blizzard is requiring an internet connection to play Diablo 3 is the Real Money Auction House system. It's an extremely delicate system that they need to ensure no cheating or exploiting else it would completely bankrupt them and ruin the entire economy.
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    I enjoyed your post kerbyross.. Having recently quit WoW after being a loyal subber since 2005 (albeit not as intense as you), I have thoroughly enjoyed the amount of time that I now have on my hands

    On topic, I don't think D3 will have any MMO features besides the AH and RMAH. Based on the video's doing the rounds, you can even limit your games so that not even your Real ID friends can join your game (or you can allow them, or you can allow anyone). The latter 2 options allow for a maximum of 4 players to play together at any one time. That and the fact that the "world" you play in is not persistant, means by definition that D3 is not an MMO.

    Given Diablo's nature, and Blizzard's learnings from WoW's end game content (see the continual nerf graph), I imagine that even casual players will eventually be able to battle through end game content.

    End game content in D3 can be split up however. I have read recently that by the time you reach level 30, you would've not only finished unlocking all your skills, but you would have also cleared "Normal" mode. Now Inferno ("end-game") has specific gear and is tuned for level 60 (max) characters, but essentially is the same content, just MUCH harder (ala WoW's hardmodes) - with exception to a few bosses I THINK (remains to be seen though).

    Even if you don't play 5+ hours a day like most of Blizzard's loyal army of gamers do, I imagine that you can eventually see the hardest of hard modes, it would just take a bit longer to get there. And at the end of the day, the main difference (besides difficulty) is the shiny new pixels.. er I mean weapons and armor.

    I will be welcoming the change of pace from a ex-WoW-player's POV

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    I also don't really think Diablo 3 will ever count as an MMORPG. The way i see it, the AH and RMAH and online features are almost just added extras to a mostly singleplayer/co0op style campaign. Sure you can multiplayer PVP but I don't think it will ever be as intricate or tactical as MMORPG's.

    To be honest these added extras do nothing for me. Blizzy can take there online feautures and shove them All I want is an amazing RPG game like Diablo 1 and 2. I have no doubt that thats what we'll get.

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    /wave Phatso

    @ kerbyross, enjoyed the post,

    Having also quit wow a while ago (after many years & being officer in a top 400 world 25 guild) I think I do know a little how demanding things can get.

    D3 is def not an MMO, sure it might have some elements from it. But Blizz have already stated that if you find something that works very well in a game and it suits the style of the current game they working on they want to add it to that game as it will just make it better for the gamers. Things that does not fit they leave out. D3 is not a normal RPG, its classified as an Action RPG

    Whats the main difference? Well in Wow you need a bunch of other fellow hardcore ppl to even compete, in Diablo it is possible to kill every single boss in single player.
    In wow it's always been a issue for me to find a full raid of ppl just as skilled as I feel I am, but without going super hardcore like world 1st guilds. (ie 7 days a week, crazy hours = nuts)
    You usually get a core of great players but then there are the others that just hold you that little back that maybe makes the difference between top400 and top 50 etc.

    In Diablo it has always been on you. You do not need to count on anyone else to get you anywhere or enjoy it. Thou having the right group def makes it easier and well also more fun imo.
    Looking back @ my Diablo 1 & 2 days online & lanning, I just remember loads and loads of fun with friends.
    Wow? Loads & loads of fun times yes, but also loads of hard & frustrating times also (wiping weeks, 500+ times on an end boss anyone?)

    Another thing is the flexible time thing for me.
    Diablo = quick to get into a game whenever you can & you can stop anything to do something with friends and family etc.
    Wow = Set times / schedule if you want to be anything but super casual. Ie 19:00 - 23:00, 5 days a week...

    I'm staying positive & think D3 is going to be great

    Also join our community in my Sig
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    as people have mentined, its just the AH and the other thing. otherwise its max 4 people in a map. btw does that apply to the pvp too? or is that sortof up to 20 people join a pvp instance?

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    After dedicating almost all of my time to WoW since release, last year I also just gave up. It has been extremely liberating and even though I loved the game, I could never turn back to playing it, the memories of it were great, but the 5+ year's lost of me turning down family events and social events has been detrimental in my eye's. Like most addictive hobby's you don't realize how bad it is until you are on the outside.
    I have almost gone full circle, almost exclusively playing singleplayer games since I can do it at my leisure, otherwise enjoying some casual gametime with my friends in StarCraft 2.

    I also hope Diablo 3 is going to be one of those games that is geared towards casual gamers, I want to be able to experience the end game content with a few mates.

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    This is my personal issue. With WOW you build your character up for end game and time spent from starting off to level cap is passed by doing mostly tedious and boring quests/grinding. Even the PVP can become tedious. Then comes endgame and all of sudden, all the time spent getting there does not seem worth (IMO). If Blizzard spent more time make low level quests epic then it would be a different story. Kind of like what GW did with Prophecies.

    I got a feeling that D3 will follow suite and be boring until endgame. I.e. very boring to the casual gamer...

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    Its not the same thing. If anything it will be the other way round. Mindless farming @ top level on hardest difficulty for the 1 piece of item u really want?

    But obviously "need more lewtz, my precious!" will drive allot of ppl
    "All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope" - Winston Churchill

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