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I have mentioned before that when I really like an original game, I am extremely leery of the sequel. When I played Hacker Evolution, I knew they had made a great game. Then I was extremely pleased with their progress in Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion. It was everything that I had liked about the original, just with more filling. Now they've released their latest creation, Hacker Evolution: Untold, and I was again both extremely excited and a little apprehensive.

The game looks exactly the same and one hundred times better. How can that be? Allow me a moment. Save the brilliant green background, all of your HUD elements look the same. The information is presented to you in the same manner as each of the previous iterations, but the difference is in the Visual map section. There have been many improvements to the feel of the game by adding improved visuals.

I said don't mess with the sound, and they didn't. I don't know why, but techno trance just fits in so nicely into the feeling of the game. With such a simple look, it is actually really cool to have such a huge immersion effect from just the soundtrack alone.

In Hacker Evolution: Untold, you assume the role of Brian Spencer. Through your exploits, you find that the very software you created is behind the fall of mankind. Now that machines have become sentient, they label you a threat, and now you must absolve yourself of a crime you didn't commit. It is a race to expose the program before machines take over, or before you are tried for the crime you didn't commit.

At its most basic level, the game can be explained as: find servers, hack servers, then loot servers. If it was this simplistic in practice, I would not be screaming for you to get this game as much as I am. There are over 20 commands that you will need to be accustomed to using. You may want to take a minute to read the user's manual that will accompany the download to familiarize yourself with them. You can always type "/help," if you need a quick refresher on the available commands.

All of the interface elements are still the same as before. If you haven't had the opportunity to try the other games, it breaks into four main areas of information. The first is the map. Servers you have found will appear on the map in their respective locations. You will also find the diagrams for the building you are trying to infiltrate. Second is your console. Here, you will enter the hacks necessary to bring down the machines before they bring you down. Your message window will display your incoming messages and point you in the right direction. Your computer status window shows you the capabilities of your computer. These can still be upgraded as you go along. There is a nice Neural Link that is expensive, but doubles your machine's current abilities. And, last is your status of money and the most important commodity in the game, trace.

Every time you crack and decrypt a server, the security on the other side has time to try and track you down. Being traced is a hacker's worst nightmare. Your trace is calculated in percentages. Reach 100% and you have been found and the level is over. There are ways to lower it and precautions to take in order to lessen it. You will learn these tricks quickly, that is, if you wish to survive.
Hacker Evolution Untold Review 94%

For those of you who are into this sort of gaming scene like myself I am sure u will enjoy the read as i have followed these games for quite some time