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Thread: The buy/sell/swap thread

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    World of Warcraft Account

    WoW: TBC
    WoW: WotLK

    Server: Twilights Hammer (EU) - LOTS of South-African players here. Ranked #2 on server rankings of EU servers.

    Character: 80 Troll Shaman (Resto and Enchancement, gear for both - especially since dual spec will be released in the next patch) ready to raid Naxx
    Character: 45 Troll Mage

    Ask for more details, offers in Rand start at R1500.

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    hey guys i know this doesnt have anything to do with gaming but does anyone have Mids 200w and 6"9' Speakers to sell????
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    If anyone has either sacred 2 or larry suit larry love for sail, I am interested in those two games.

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    I have Armed Assault for sale if anybody is interested

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    Guys do any1 know where i can get Phase change cooling for a socket AM2? Looking to do a little project

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    I was going to point you to Synapsys, but it seems they no longer provide exotic cooling solutions.

    You may have to find an overseas site which will ship to South Africa.Nventiv and Asetek seem to be the brands to go for.

    You might want to see if you can use the services to buy a Phase Change Cooler from or

    Happy hunting
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    Thanks to the new GTA patch I can play it on pc again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eniigma View Post
    Long shot here, but I don't suppose anyone has a xbox version of GTA4 that they want to swap for the pc version?
    Hehe Im sorry to day, but nobody in their right mind would make that trade. DRM fiasco+windows live+rockstar club thing+ high system requirements and bug = fail

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    Hi guys I decided to sell the XBox 360 that I won. It was a difficult decision since I know so many people wanted the prize. I use a pc for gaming though and it would be a waste to have another gaming machine. Especially if I'm going to struggle to be able to buy new games.

    It's an awesome prize and it rocks that I won it. Eh and now I'm selling it since I can do with the money.

    I've got a thread over at the Prophecy Forums if anyone is interested in the XBox:

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    Pity I don't get bonuses any more otherwise I would have been interested.
    Seems like the only way I shall be able to play Fable 2.
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