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Thread: ChessConquest - official discussion thread

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    At rAge there was this little stand with a guy and a pretty lady telling people about a new chess site here in South Africa. It sounded interesting and so I gave it a try and now I'm hooked.

    The thing is that the site needs more players. It's nice to see something small grow and eventually become something awesome. I remember when MyGaming just started and I wondered whether it will make it and here we are.

    Now, I'm hoping that the same thing can happen with ChessConquest. What makes ChessConquest special is that games are played over a longer period. Most games you have two days to make one move, however the person setting up the game can choose the amount of time per move. So it means you've got a couple of games going at a time and some of them are finished in an hour and others in a couple of weeks.

    The people running the site are open to suggestions so it's the ideal time to make an impact at a new site.

    I didn't ask any of them if it's alright to start this thread but eh hopefully they'll be happy about it. There's also not a forum or such there at the moment so we can chat in this thread.

    So please come join me? It's addictive and it's ideal in this fast paced world to sit and relax with a game of chess.

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    I joined up last night and started a few games, trying to piece back what I remember of chess it's been a while I got a few friends to join but I doubt they will play much. Hopefully a few people join in from MyG.

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    Awesome! I'm glad that someone from MyGaming joined. What name are you using there fayainz? The same as here? I will go check tonight and challenge you. I'm also playing for the first time in years.

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    Yeah man, look me up same as the forum name

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    Signed up... haven't played chess since my school days though (and we'd rather not go into how long ago that was)

    No guts, no glory, no brain, same story.

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    Great stuff. I'm glad to see that you joined ViperGTI. Will challenge you at some stage too.

    I used to play at school and then for years after that I didn't play. Then one day I was challenged by a friend and I got into the whole chess thing again. I played online and studied openings and went pretty crazy. Then one day I just quit when I realized I'll never be a master because I just suck too much.

    Luckily I've learned since then that's it's about enjoying the game. And now I do just that. It actually feels easier this time around.

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    I got the one year free subscription (unless they gave to everyone that gave email) will be joining tonight

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    I'm glad to see so many MyGaming people joined. fayainz, I looked through the rankings last night and could not find you.

    Ugh and I was tired yesterday after work and didn't concentrate properly and so my ass was kicked.

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    I think i've seen you on the rankings, I'm definately there somewhere. Also got my ass handed last night lol and now I'm on a shameful ranking of P 922..

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