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Thread: Playstation Vita landing in SA 22 February 2012

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    Default Playstation Vita landing in SA 22 February 2012

    PlayStation Vita South African release date confirmed

    Officially heading our way 22 February 2012

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    i am very keen on getting a VITA. but nervous about the price of games :-( already getting hammered by the price of XBOX and PS3 titles. not sure my overdraft can handle a third set of expensive games :-(

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    If the pricing of the games are reasonable then i would be very interested but doubt that very much.

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    I want to get the Vita on release, but the price is going to kill me.

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    This one is def on my wishlist but feb kinda far away hopefully i have the cash to get one on release... Thats if all the games that are release in the next few months dont make me entirely broke.

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    Sony seems to like the March launch - PSP, PS3 and now PSV. I'm curious to check it out but will wait and see before considering a purchase.

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