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Thread: Indie Royale Bundles gives indie devs a new pricing model

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    Default Indie Royal: Launch Bundle

    Came across some news about Indie Royal a website set up to promote indie titles by offering bundles every 2 weeks. It's kinda like the Humble Bundle except that there is a minimum price. You can either match the price or beat it. If you beat it then the minimum price decreases (depending on how much more you paid), matching it increases the price by 1c.

    Currently these 4 games are going for under $5.

    A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda

    Gemini Rue



    You'll also get 2 DLC packs for Sanctum since they've exceeded 20 000 sales, a third will be added after 70 000 sales.

    I've already got Sanctum, but the other 3 look interesting. Anyone know about the games, thoughts on them?

    I'm deciding whether to go for this pack or wait for the others in the weeks ahead. This offer ends in about 4 days.

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    Default Indie Royale Bundles gives indie devs a new pricing model

    Indie Royale Launch Bundle uses intriguing price model

    4 indie games bundled together, for sale in a novel way

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    Bought it. Have yet to actually play any of them though

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    Hahaha, just posted a thread on this Mods can remove it or merge it into this one.

    Decided to go for the bundle. Each game looks like it'll give me more than $5 worth of enjoyment. It'll be good to balance out the AAA goodness of BF3 with some engaging indies.
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    I want that bundle, gonna need someone to buy it for me though (really need to get my own credit card)

    I'll buy it for $6.00 (R48), but I'll do an EFT transfer of R60 to cover any additional costs.

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    Sold, awesome site....thx guys! The things you learn in Forums....
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    The problem with this system is that everyone that knows about it is trying to get onto the site as soon as the new bundle launches, which completely overloads the site, making it almost impossible to purchase.

    The current bundle includes:
    Fate of the World
    Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!

    Edit: They have just made the following post on twitter:
    "Very sorry about the site, too many HTTP requests. Adding more webservers and once it stabilizes in a few hours - we will reset the price"
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