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Thread: OneSmallSeed Selected Creatives

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    No problem man, I understand 100%. I just find it such bs, she's been published not only in local (migrate) but international magazines for work she has done (slanted, typographic german mag), and they still want to make it a "popularity" contest by getting the most votes? Total BS...
    Yea I agree completely, I have been involved in things before where it was nothing more than a popularity contest, which is a pity when some of the entrants are actually deserving.

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    Yeah, definitely. Good luck man, hope you get it!


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    Forgot to come share the news, but alteast its good news
    I did infact make the top 3 and I am in the latest issue of Onesmallseed!!!
    The mag is available from CNA and Exclusive Books, if anyone is interested in seeing something different

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