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Thread: Guess the Game

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    Default Guess the Game

    Something to freshen up the site a bit and test a person's gaming knowldge !
    The rules are simple all you have to do is paste a screenshot (do not mention descriptions or anything), be it ingame, replay or from a cutscene etc. and then the forum members have to guess what game it is

    i'll go first

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    hhmm, did you post something? I aint seeing nuffink.

    Maybe it's Chrome... not allowing embedded scripting... hhmm

    IE8 and FF works if I allow it...

    I know that game too, just cant remember the name atm. Damn.
    What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

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    I think its e-SWAT

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    Quote Originally Posted by HANDsolo View Post
    I think its e-SWAT
    spot on dude

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    I can't see nuffing

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    Well the game was guessed correctly. So here's another:

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    Quote Originally Posted by iOverflow View Post
    World of Warcraft Beta 0.2
    Haha funny guess. Nope it's a full commercial game.

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    It starts with an R, doesn't it?

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