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Thread: Modern Warfare 3 launch event streaming live

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    Default Modern Warfare 3 launch event streaming live

    Modern Warfare 3 London launch event streaming via YouTube, Xbox LIVE

    Watch Modern Warfare 3 hit London live from the comfort of your gaming battle station

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    Gonna give it a quick browse (Procrastination at its best)

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    MAJOR FAIL -_-

    Couldnt even get the stream to run...and judging from the comments it seems like Im not the only one!

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    watched the black ops event live last year, was fun.
    Doubt my 384k line will handle this though

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    Yeah, no luck with me too - either my line is a bit slow OR there's something wrong with the stream, either way...all I can say is MW3, I gave you a chance :P
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    Ok, I got it working :P But have to stream it on low quality...its alright so far

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    and then it got terribly boring....

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    I got mine today! Yay! Thanks!

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