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Thread: Win: Need For Speed The Run with EA South Africa

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    Default Win: Need For Speed The Run with EA South Africa

    Courtesy of EA South Africa we have 3 copies of Need For Speed The Run to give away. That's one each for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We've also got an NFS The Run T-Shirt for each of the winners.

    Further details here.

    How to enter

    - Post a short paragraph in this thread explaining why you want Need For Speed The Run.

    - Pick one platform of your choice.

    - Post only once in this thread. Spamming or conversing in the thread gets you disqualified.

    - Must be a resident of South Africa.

    Winner announce

    One winner will be chosen on Thursday, 24 November 2011, at 11AM.

    Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be reallocated to a new random draw winner.

    The winners will be announced in this thread. Be sure to check back to claim your prize.

    The competition starts now; GO GO GO!

    Good luck!

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    I want Need for Speed: The Run because it looks like an interesting premise for a racing game, and actually reminds me a little of Test Drive 1 in a good way.

    EDIT: Xbox 360
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    (PS3 version)i want this game because ive recently stopped pirating games and need (see what i did there?:-)) to start building my collection.i also am a serious racing game freak and no one else deserves it more than me.
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    i would like to win this game for xbox 360 because i love the need for speed franchise, i love fast cars and running away from the cops and stuff makes it even more fun.. i also want to win this because im totally broke because of 2 awesome releases this month... so i wont be able to have it unless i win it..
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    I would really love this game on xbox 360 because I have been playing and played every nfs from underground 1. And with nfs the run using the new frostbite 2 you can only expect the best graphics ... Good luck to all the other people entering

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    Been a huge fan of NFS ever since I was a kid. Even if people talked trash about some of them, I still personally enjoy/enjoyed them anyway. Would love to try this edition of the game, looks very nice from what I've seen so far.

    PS3 please mate!
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    Playing through Battlefield 3 I was amazed at the graphics and the sound quality of the game. Watching the trailers for need for speed as really gotten my so excited about the game. Knowing some of the thing that the game engine can pull off, I know that this game will be a huge success and I can't wait to play it.

    Platform: PC
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    I would like one for the PS3. [AKA: Preference PS3, otherwise Xbox, then pc ]

    I've always enjoyed NFS series
    Although I do admit I found some of them to be a bit boring after a while (eg, NFS carbon).
    This new one looks different in that it's linear and looks like it's get some epic storyline to it and that is what I will be playing it for if I do get it
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    This looks to be an excellent racer fused with the spirit of Most Wanted (the last favourite Need For Speed game I played, although Undercover is also really good), so I am very very keen to get this title. Been playing since Need For Speed on the PC (In DOS 6.0! Ha!), all the way now to playing the series on either the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Electronic Arts has finally answered my prayers by letting EA Black Box make another Need For Speed, so hopefully I am able to play this on my system at home soon.

    Platform of choice would be Playstation 3, but if that is taken then the Xbox 360 version would be fine as well. T-shirt size would be Large(if available) please.
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    Hi guys,

    My bad! Forgot to add the pick a platform rule :S Please can the previous entrants update.

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