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Thread: SOPA - Stop Internet Piracy Act infographic

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    Default SOPA - Stop Internet Piracy Act infographic

    Source: Mashable

    Source: Mashable

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    Maybe it's just my connection, but the infographic doesn't want to load Tried looking on Mashable - guess what - that's not loading either.

    But apparently, even Microsoft isn't happy about the proposed bill - or at least the wording in it.

    Hang on ... I spy a glitch in the Matrix ... I'm getting a strong sense of deja vu here

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    Censorship seems to be the "in thing" for governments to do these days. Hell, at least in ZA you know it's to hide corruption. In the first world it's because the governments are all so complacent that they have nothing better to do with their time than make mountains out of molehills, rape liberty and stir shit until everything's gone to hell and there's some REAL issue to solve.


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    This is a sad thing if it happens. a massive turning point in the history of the interwebs

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