It is "specials season" and I thought it would be a good idea to post specials from other digital distribution sites (since Steam already has a thread)...

I usually buy from or (mostly for EA games). will soon start selling newer games and will probably have some good specials (not sure when it will start) and then Gamestop's online shop also has some specials. Direct2Drive doesn't sell to SA so I've excluded them.

It seems Gamersgate is going big again with "Buy 4 for the price of 3", "Deal of the Day", "Daily EA Special" and just general "Up to 85% off" specials.

The "Buy 4 for 3" allows you to buy any 4 games of which the cheapest of the 4 will be free like the sample screenshot below.

Here are some specials currently listed:
Civilization V - R60 (75% off)
Mafia II - R83 (66% off)
Two Worlds II GOTY - R203 (50% off)
Duke Nukem Forever - R81 (80% off)

Then at 75% off for R40 each: Darksiders, Bioshock, Stalker, Metro 2033 and a bunch of others.

Titan Quest Gold Edition is going for R40 at Impulse Driven.