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Thread: Rate the Last Game You Played

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    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Halo Masterchief Collection

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    I finally got to play my first Halo game! And I think I'm way too late to the party because Halo CE Anniversary feels old. Especially after having finished Crysis 2 not too long ago. In fact the game mostly reminds me of the Serious Sam games where you get bombarded with hordes of enemies all the time.

    At times the game was a lot of fun. At other times I found it very difficult even while playing on Normal difficulty. You do get a great feeling of satisfaction when you get past a difficult bit though.

    It's not a bad game at all. Games have just moved on a bit which is understandable since the original Halo came out in 2001. That's a long time ago!


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    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

    I really enjoyed this game. I had a lot of fun playing through it, the shooting feels good and the whole western theme is pretty cool. What really impressed me was the quality of the voice acting, characterisation and the nuances of the plot. It had a good ending too!
    The game looks good and nails the whole wild west atmosphere.

    Verdict: Highly recommended. Worth playing if merely for the fact that it's a Western

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    Final fantasy 13
    very very linear for like 25 hours of gameplay,but hey i really still did enjoy the combat system,i would give it a 7/10

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    Shadow Warrior (PS4) 8/10 - Modern take on the original, silly dialogue makes it's a pleasure to play. Slightly drawn out towards the end but great game all around. If you liked Hard Reset or Serious Sam them you will love Shadow Warrior.

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    Dying Light (PS4) - 7/10

    Initially I struggled to get into the game, but decided to give it a fair go. Glad I did in the end as I quite enjoyed it. The first person view point took some time getting used to, as did the controls (find myself pressing Dying Light controls in Uncharted, causing quite a few deaths...).

    Graphics is quite decent, though I have seen better on the PS4. Story wise it is a bit of been there, done that, but I enjoyed it, even though the voice acting felt a bit off to me. The main story is not so long, but the game is stretched quite a bit if you go for the side missions and challenges. I ended up playing about 24 hours or so.

    Running around during the day is quite easy, though this changes during night. My heart was beating after my first chase at night with volatiles on my ass. Upgrading your skills does make the game a bit easy later on, so it's worthwhile getting the extras experience points doing side missions and challenges.

    Due to my poor line I did not try the co-op future, so can't comment on that.

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    Valiant Hearts : The Great War (8/10)

    STEAM --> "This is the story of crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart.
    All of them will try to survive the horror of the trenches following their faithful canine companion.
    In Valiant Hearts, the lives of all these characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game. Friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy befall each one as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors of war."

    I really enjoyed the story that gets told, its rare that anything is available about WWI.
    Each area gives you some more info regarding the battle that took place there, and you have to find a few items that was used by the people fighting there, after finding an item they would show you a picture of the item and a brief piece of info regarding it.

    I really enjoyed the game.

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider 8.5/10

    Got my copy on launch day, spent multiple hours on it until I got to the last chapter and decided to take a 3 week break. Finished it this evening.

    Graphic detail is quite amazing and this was my first impression when I started the game.

    There is improvement over the previous one, i liked the fact you can now swim in this one. Bring on the DLC in 2016!!
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    Alien: Isolation

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    At the end of last year I got tired and lazy and stopped writing these little reviews. But it's a new year and with it comes some new energy. Ugh it sucks so much that it's back to work tomorrow.

    Alien: Isolation makes me think of much milder Outlast set in space. It's not your typical action title and throughout most of the game you'll be hiding from the alien, androids or other humans. If you have some patience and you are willing to be stealthy then the game mechanics work exceptionally well. It's one of the better stealth games that I've played.

    The atmosphere is also top notch and it made me watch the first two movies. They really captured the aesthetics of the films. The story is also good and I had a great time playing this game.

    At times it feels a bit unfair since the alien always seem to know in which general area you are even if you don't make a sound. The game itself though wasn't too tough except for one bit close to the end where I died repeatedly which was frustrating.

    Overall it's a must play if you like tense games and I can definitely recommend it.


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