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Thread: Rate the Last Game You Played

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    Well I dunno what to say really about this game.
    Gfx are minimal, let's you play your favourite music from your computer or stream it from pretty much anywhere Creates an obstacle course of sort to collect coloured gems and after the song is finished uploads your Hi-Score(if you wish to do this) to here server and compares your score to the rest of the world Epic

    It's actually a brilliant game, just don't play it if you get motion sickness


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    Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway

    Great squad control. Slo-mo action scenes where limbs,torso's and head explode if you aim in the right place Interesting story and characters make's it believable what 101st Airborne went through.

    Problem is... where is the next one?! Had some clipping issues here and then, but nothing overly to complain about. You need some prior knowledge of the previous Brothers in Arms games to understand what the whole story is about.
    But any of the previous games including this one, can be picked up for R99 each.
    So there is no reason not to play these games

    88 %

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    The last game i played is inFamous

    The game is good and also got a variety of moves and missions to keep you entertain and make the game to not feel repetitive.

    I will rate it 90%

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    Oh There is also Dragon Ball Z: burst of limit On PS3

    The game is good, the environment is good but could have been used in a much better way. The games lacks characters when compare to the last editions on PS2.

    So i will rate it 65%

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    Mirrors Edge

    I'm not wuite finish but I was truely astounded by this game. I came in expecting horrible controls and a very average games, but I was plesently suprized. Fun game, free running came be amazing at times and the fighting was unlike anything I have played before. Enjoyable game but not groundbreaking.


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    I played Prototype and I must give it an 8.5 out of 10 as i enjoyed kicking ass and doing some swine flu zombie killing there however i also picked up a couple bugz in the game which had bad habits of ticking me off but i guess u get used to it after a while... except for when ur in the middle of a major fight kinda got a little annoying
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    I am playing Red Alert 3 on Xbox, and I have to say it is fantastic. The fun factor of the game alone makes up for any weaknesses the game may have. I really need to give it about 8.5/10. Plenty of playability, and for anyone who thinks its too easy, just put the difficulty up, and I'm sure you wont find it too easy

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    Killzone 2 on PS3.

    I thought the game had quite a good (although kinda short) singleplayer campaign. The graphics are simply amazing and it is a hell of a lot of fun. Although the singleplayer is pretty good, multiplayer is where it's at. This game's online play is simply brilliant. Matches are ranked according to your "skill", so the you don't get pwned to badly and it is insanely fun.

    My rating: 85%

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    I don't think the game is out so i will review the demo

    I played Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game is good and it is not all about close fight. There actually some strategy and sneaking up to do.

    I will give it a 78/100 for now. But after the trailer, i'm sure the score will rise when i play the full game

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    Been a while, but Dragonball Z: Burst Limit.

    The game had a great front, the graphics were amazing- but too much focussed on in my opinion, so much that they didn't really care for the accuracy of the game (to the show). Several things I picked up, for dbz fans, that were WAY off from how things were in the show. For instance, in the game, Vegeta had final flash when on namek. Super Saijyan nerfed your defence greatly, and increased your offense. The hyperbolic time chamber can be found in space, when leaving the atmosphere of one of the planets (wtf?). Anyway, also the drama pieces were a good idea and fun at first. But later on you want to rip your hair out from impatience.

    Oh, and another thing. Why did they have half arsed cut scenes (Most of them were, anyway) for gameplay progression, but when you finished the whole of a series (If I remember right) they would show a very good cut scene compilation and summary of the series you just played? Why not put those in the story mode.

    My score: 45%

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