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Thread: Rate the Last Game You Played

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    Default Rate the Last Game You Played

    Similar to the thread "What are you playing right now?". Now you can give a quick rating (percentage) after you've finished playing a game and even add a short or long review if you feel up to it.

    Silent Hill Homecoming

    Much better than what some reviews made it appear to be. At times it gets annoyingly difficult but this eases up later in the game. A good story, okay graphics and great sound. Don't ever play it on a PC though. I had tons of problems with bugs which were very distracting.

    My score: 70%

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    Well I will be writing full reviews when I am done, but so far:

    Annon 1404: Deep and challenging economic management/civ builder with an excellent campaign, some interesting new RPG elements and breathtaking visuals. 9/10

    Tiger Woods Gof 2010: Pretty much as good as golf game gets, although the visuals could have been a bit slicker. 8.5/10
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    Devil May Cry 3 : Special Edition (PC)

    A fluid and engaging combat system good for plenty of action. There is an unlockable character so you can play it a 2nd time through. Insanely difficult game, that will keep you up just by the sheer amount of swearing and teeth-grinding needed to get past those demons.

    Forgot about playing keyboard and mouse though, you definitely need a gamepad for this one. Auto-targeting is a fail most of the time and never aims for the creature you want to crush.
    Graphics is a blocky and not good most of the time, a very bad PC port.

    My Score: 70%

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    Red Faction Guerrilla - Overall I have really enjoyed this game, the multiplayer is pure chaos . Plus there is DLC incoming. So I will give it 90%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deceptor View Post
    Red Faction Guerrilla - Overall I have really enjoyed this game, the multiplayer is pure chaos . Plus there is DLC incoming. So I will give it 90%.
    What are the story elements like? I've read on the internets it can become quite repetitive :/

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    outside... still playing with lvl 29 human

    in more serious news; Dead Space (pc) was just brilliant for a horror FPS, after that who needs alma or phobos

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    inFamous (PS3)

    The Good

    Fast paced action. Huge variety of combat moves and mission choices.
    The city loves you according your deeds,which i've never seen done in another game before(take note here Rockstar)
    Good = Praise You
    Bad = Boo and throw things @ you

    The Bad

    Climbing up a building is annoying, even though he has better skills than Spiderman and Altair combined. Annoying "platform jumping" glitches i saw now and then.This game feels more like a mixture of Assasins Creed n Crackdown.

    The Ugly

    The morality choices, have the developers never played a Bioware in there life? This is not how you do a morality, things are so black/white it's actually annoying. Even though the in-game clips suit your choices you have made so far, it's hard to believe a mission prior to making an "evil" choice you were friends with some people and you suddenly you turn on them. Quite annoying in my opinion.


    Even with all the minor annoyances i experienced playing this game, I love it to bits with its open ended gameplay. Prototype should take a leaf out of this developers handbook. They have serious competition from inFamous.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Deceptor View Post
    Red Faction Guerrilla - Overall I have really enjoyed this game, the multiplayer is pure chaos . Plus there is DLC incoming. So I will give it 90%.
    Totally agree with you there. I haven't quite finished it yet (I'm stuck on the multiplayer), but so far it has been nothing short of awesome.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    I know it's kinda an old game, but i only got my PS3 recently and picked this up real cheap second hand. All i can say is brilliant! Can't wait for October to play the sequel.

    My score: 90%
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    Street Fighter IV (xbox 360)

    Graphically brilliant (captures the complete essence of street fighter II turbo, the game that inspired sf IV) controls are also excellent, loads of unlockable extras like videos, characters, artwork etc. major gripe is cheap ai attacks especially from certain characters like zangief and seth and no bonus levels.

    Overall score 93/100

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    The last two games I played were:

    Failble2: The title says it all. It doesn't come CLOSE to Fable1, the secrets and rewards and weapons and gear were lacking completely.


    Tonight I played & Finished Half Life 2: Episode 1

    If you love HL2 - you have to play this one. Rather short, but very awesome. Stuff doesn't die easily and the puzzles are tricky enough to make you guess a few times. It is still the game with the single best side-arm sound effects and they've put the gravity gun to full use in this one.

    I _HATE_ games that leave you without ammo for long stretches, but this one gave you some more crates JUST when you thought you'd have to crowbar your way through a mob. They also did a sterling job of re-introducing all the weapons found in the original half life game & LAN play. Awesome stuff indeed!

    I can't wait to play Episode 2 tomorrow...


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