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Thread: MyGaming Awards 2011: Platform Awards

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    Default MyGaming Awards 2011: Platform Awards

    MyGaming Awards 2011 – Platform Awards

    Awards week has hit MyGaming, and we kick things off with the Platform Awards for 2011!

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    Yay, finally Gears 3 gets an award.

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    PS3 was no surprise but glad that BF3 won the PC it's definitively one of the best looking games out.

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    I am very surprised that BF3 beat Portal 2. Portal 2's ratings were a lot higher over all as the single player in BF3 was.
    Maybe the replayability of BF3 multiplayer was the one that caused it to win over Portal 2?
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    I don't think a fps game should ever be allowed to win and if they do it has to be something insanely awesome...Only thing that comes to mind really is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, that tried to be different, same goes for Portal 2, it was a huge amount of fun and it was a change from the norm. BF3's single player was horrific, the multiplayer is excellent but its still just like BFBC 2, so no real innovation.

    Anyway its done and dusted.
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    Gears 3 is a truckload of fun, and Uncharted looks amazing.

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    i think BF3's multiplayer was the decider as many have mentioned before that the single player isn't much to behold.Oh well,at least Gears of War 3 got an award,YEAH!!!

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    wow, no forza 4 evens ...

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