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    Default GPU question

    Ok time for my stupid question for the day,

    as you all know I am fixing up a old PC to learn on so my question know is, I got a GPU its a Nvidia 6800 Ultra, its fit perfect so there are no problems there, but I am running the rig of a old square type screen so screen doesnot have the cables to plug into the GPU, so will it be worth my while to install the card will it still make games look and run better? I hope what I am saying makes sence, the reason I ask is cause I have to by a special cable for the GPU to plug into the mother board its cheap only R65 but still I dont want to waste money if I dont have to


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    That depend on the size of ur "square" screen less than 15" is waste, it makes sense thoug as you wont have a choice to connect to that screen, added to that the 6800's supports SLI too , compare R68 too R1k for a LCd perhaps if that rig will be used for testing and learning invest the 68 bucks in learning, just look back over past 2 days and recount what u have already gained in experiance, practice makes perfect, ask the IT guy at the office, maybe he already has a dongle he can give you.

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    DVI to VGA - this will do the trick

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    Wait didn't the 6800 all have DVI and VGA ports?
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    Nope, they had 2 DVI ports....The adapter(s) were in the packaging if i remember correctly.

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    So he needs the cable then? I think takealot has some in stock at the moment if I remember correctly. Might be thinking about RCA cables though.
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    Yeah, the 6800 Ultra was a great card in the day, had 2 dvi ports with the adapter in the box. I have a few spares, but it will take longer and cost more to get one to you than you just going out to buy one.

    And yes, it's worth paying the R50 something to get that card working.

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    Sorry to steal this thread. I also have a stupid question. I have a GTX580 at the moment with a 9800GT for physx. I was wondering if anyone knows if i added another 9800GT(i have lying around) in SLI if i could get better performance. Is that even possible? I have a board that can handle all the cards so that wont be a problem. Maybe i will experiment later. hmmm.
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    Awesome thanks for all the advice I am going to get the cable this weekend and post my progress next week

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    Well, there will be a great improvement in FPS using dedicated physix cards in SLI .... be carefule of the heat that gets generated, ensure good ventelation !!! let us know of the impovement numbers *before and after would be nice*

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