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Thread: Five gaming chair options to consider

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    Default Five gaming chair options to consider

    Five gaming chair options to consider

    So you need a new gaming chair? Here are some options.

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    My boss has the one on top in his office at the back. He says that for long hours being 6 or 7 his back really begins to ache.
    The 2nd chair I sold/gave to my sister with a desk for R500.
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    The Deluxe High Back Chair looks decent, but i guess any chair you sit in for prolonged period would make your back sore... Thats why i dont sit long and move about alot.

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    i need a decent gaming chair with wheels, mine doesnt have wheels and is heavy as hell.... mine makes your ass hurt after a while like i have been sitting on wooden bench, really annoying
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    I've got the Bella Supreme high back chair and it's pretty comfortable .

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    My mom got me a massage chair for xmas.

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