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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII-2 - everything you need to know

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    Is this worth playing? FF XIII & XIII 2? I never played this before and am looking for something to play on PS3. I just finished the Uncharted trilogy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qornea View Post
    I assume you mean how the numbering works?

    Every Final Fantasy is a stand-alone title set in its own universe - some themes carry over across the board, but essentially each game is different.

    In the case of Final Fantasy XIII-2 - as the name suggests, it's a continuation of the story of XIII.

    Final Fantasy XI and XIV are both MMOs and break the conventions of the series completely. And there are a wealth of other spin-offs as well. Essentially consider each numbered entry a single universe.
    Thanks a mil' man. I'm going to look for XIII.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zipper View Post
    Including spin offs?

    Main titles:
    Final Fantasy I-X (1-10)
    Final Fantasy XII and XIII
    Online titles:
    Final Fantasy XI (online)
    Final Fantasy XIV (online)

    Main title related:
    Final Fantasy X-2
    Final Fantasy XII- Revenant Wings
    Final Fantasy IV- The After Years

    FF VII Compilations:
    Final Fantasy VII: Before Crysis
    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
    Final Fantasy VII: Crysis Core

    Tactics titles:
    Final fantasy Tactics
    Final fantasy Tactics: Advance
    Final fantasy Tactics: A2 Grimoire of the Rift

    Spin Offs:
    Final Fantasy: Chocobo Series
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Series
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders Series
    Final Fantasy: Adventures (Sword of Mana is the remake)
    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
    Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding (I know )
    Final Fantasy: Dissidia
    Final Fantasy: Dissidia 012
    Final Fantasy: 4 Hero's of Light
    Final Fantasy: Theatrythm (Rhythm game)

    Other Compilation Titles:
    Final Fantasy: I+II
    Final Fantasy: Chronicles
    Final Fantasy: Origins
    Much appreciated. I didn't realize how deep the FF rabbit hole goes

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    No problem Saint_Dee. I havent played all those titles though. They just the ones i know about that have been released.

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