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Thread: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

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    Thumbs up Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

    Looking forward to this game. Coming out end of October

    Here are some gameplay vids I posted over at MYBB

    Here's a preview from a COD fanboi over at Gamespy....

    Note he claims it's boring and the realism frustrating!!!! Sounds fantastic

    Anyway post previews and such in this thread as we build up to the release date
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    The Special Edition that comes with a hard hat looks pretty awesome. Couple that with MW2 and night goggles and you can have your own little army going

    Game looks pretty good though

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    Yeah I dunno about the hard hat hey. Night goggles on the other hand......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    Looking forward to this game. Coming out end of October

    Here are some gameplay vids I posted over at MYBB

    Here's a preview from a COD fanboi over at Gamespy....

    Note he claims it's boring and the realism frustrating!!!! Sounds fantastic

    Anyway post previews and such in this thread as we build up to the release date
    Mhh, this might be good news. I'm an ArmA fan (TrackIR and all) and I really didn't have my hopes up high for OFP2, but this "preview" might have changed my perspective now. I'm still not sure that xbox can handle the complexities of a simulator though.

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    Yeah I dunno any Xbox gamers who are into sims so I'm interested to see how well it sells, if it in fact delivers the authenticity the creators have promised.

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    I'm looking forward to this one. I like some brainy gameplay after all the arcady stuff that's released these days. Co-op is looking especially sweet.

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    I never played any maybe I will play this one

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    Tim McDonald and Andy Alderson have had the good fortune to get their hands on code of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and are working their way through in cooperative play. What follows is the first in a series of war diaries of their experiences, this time going through the first half of the game's opening mission: an assault on an outpost near the embattled Skira Island.

    Dear diary,

    Andy Alderson cannot drive. At the time I had no idea and I can only assume that the rest of the squad were likewise unaware that he drives as though he has no hands and is wearing rollerskates. I'm getting ahead of myself.

    It had started out as such a lovely day. We'd been on standby for a while because of the recent tensions on Skira Island, and we were just settling down to some tea and crumpets when our orders came in. We were to assault a small outpost island containing an early-warning radar system and a variety of anti-air defences in preparation for the main attack on the now PLA-controlled Skira.

    We – Morales, Winters, myself, and of course Andy – were dropped off at a fairly central location on the small island just before dusk. As it was, we were fairly close to the radar tower, and so once we'd made sure the surrounding area was secure our first order of business was to knock that out, although not before I “accidentally” unloaded 60 rounds from my SAW into Andy. Well, I say Andy. After the first five it was really his twitching corpse that took the rest. He wasn't best pleased when he respawned a minute later, but I figured that'd teach him to impugn the integrity of my mother.

    Our initial encounter with the PLA took place a few minutes prior to hitting the radar, which was simple enough – a small building at the top of the hill housed two PLA soldiers. I suppressed them with the SAW while the other three flanked them. Easy. From our vantage point on top of the now-cleared hill we could see the radar and its accompanying contingent of Chinese soldiers. Again, this wasn't an encounter that gave us any hassle, barring Andy's ordering Morales and Winters to charge the sandbags. I will never understand why this man is in command, but at least he managed to place C4 and knock out the radar without incident.

    The next issue was a nearby village, occupied by far, far too many PLA soldiers. Fortunately, taking out the radar had afforded us a little fire support – Howitzer-style support from a nearby destroyer, as I understand it. Unfortunately, Andy was still in charge of the squad. He took careful aim at the village, noted down the map co-ordinates, and then ordered the Howitzers to bombard the sea about three miles away from anything remotely hostile, barring maybe one or two whales with sympathy for the Chinese. They'll never trouble this waters again.

    This had two effects: first, everyone was still alive, which I suppose isn't an effect but I want to reiterate that everyone was still alive. Second, I can only assume that the combined noise of a C4 explosion and a Howitzer strike had put them on high alert, because for some reason they started shooting at us. I'd estimate that there were somewhere in the region of 20 PLA soldiers in the village, and that's a lot of automatic fire. It always seems like more when it's aimed in your direction, too. We couldn't stay where we were. Again, I laid down suppressing fire while the others moved to find cover a little closer to the village. Firing from my cover kept the PLA largely pinned and even took a few of them out – until I needed to reload. They're not stupid, you know. The instant I had to change the belt in the SAW, two charged my position and rather uncomfortably executed me.

    Which, God save us, meant it was up to Andy to stay alive for the minute I needed to respawn. Despite a few close calls, he managed it; he sent Morales and Winters to flank around to the side of the village. Exposed soldiers naturally drew fire from the PLA, which allowed Andy to kill a few of them from the rocky outcrop that served as his cover. On my reappearance, things were still hairy – reinforcements had seemingly come from either the other end of the village or from patrols just past it, which again had us pinned, but somehow we survived.

    We decided we'd go for extra brownie points with the top brass and knock out the SAM sites, so Andy hopped into the driver's seat of a nearby jeep and I took the mounted gun. This was all well and good until we encountered resistance in the form of two enemy jeeps; we parked up near to the side of the road where Andy could take cover behind a wall, I could shoot from the mounted gun, and Morales and Winter could easily find us when they caught up. You see, this was where we discovered he'd forgotten to tell them to get in the bloody jeep.

    Once the others caught up, it was on to the SAMs, but Andy somehow convinced us that the roads weren't a good idea and it was all about driving along the cliffs which, as you can imagine, didn't end spectacularly. To elaborate, I'm writing this while Andy's trying to move the jeep off a pile of rocks he's managed to install it on near the bottom of a cliff. It looks like a sodding modern art masterpiece.

    By the sounds of the swearing it's going to remain the newest tourist attraction, as it seems Andy's given up. Looks like a long stroll along the cliffs awaits.
    Co op sounds like great fun co op

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    Day 2

    Dear Diary,

    Tim McDonald is an insubordinate soldier. Whether he's questioning your flanking manoeuvres, criticising your progressive clifftop driving techniques or just shooting you in the back of the head for a chuckle, you can be sure of one thing: his mind is not on the job.

    However, to his credit, his blood lust knows no bounds and when we were given the option to head back to the extraction point or to take out a couple of SAM sites I was glad when he agreed to soldier on. It would give me a chance to silence his incessant whining with some good old fashioned rectal shoe-shine leadership.

    My first strategic decision was to abandon the jeep which, unfortunately, had become stuck on a rock due to the crushing weight of Tim's negativity. Bringing up the dynamic map, I spotted a nearby road with a small building and set a waypoint for the rest of squad. Approaching stealthily, we circled the building, found it to be empty and raided the ammo crates inside. The SAM site wasn't far away and, armed to the teeth, we were ready to take the fight to the PLA. Or at least Winters, Morales and I were. Tim was celebrating the silky smooth framerate by doing his best impression of an epileptic humming bird, flitting spastically in one direction then another in what I can only assume was his attempt at a morale boosting performance for the troops.

    When we eventually got moving it was almost completely dark and the odds suddenly shifted in our favour. Switching to night vision and binoculars we were able to get a good view of the surrounding area and spotted a hilltop outpost overlooking the SAM site. Tim actually managed to do something useful, marking a four man patrol on the radar. We decided to approach the hill from the rear and I brought up the radial orders menu and instructed the team to hold fire until my signal. Having snuck up the hill, we convened behind a building obscuring our view of the enemy patrol.

    “OK, there's good news and bad news,” said Tim. “They're all lined up around the corner, but as soon as I pop out of cover they'll see me.”

    “So just do 'em then,” I replied.

    “I can't, there's four of them. We'll both need to go on three.”

    So, having deftly avoided the Lethal Weapon 'after three or on three' discussion, we counted down. “3...2...1” was followed by two brief bursts of gunfire and four dead enemies hit the floor.

    “Holy shit, that was badass!” Our brief moment of well-executed military success spurred us on and after planting the C4 on the SAM site we found a new jeep.

    “I'm driving,” Tim announced and I decided, being the better shot, I'd be best suited to the mounted machine gun. I quickly set a new waypoint and we headed off to complete the mission. Having consulted the controls menu, Tim discovered we could kill the lights and engine and we coasted to within 500 metres of the target. With night vision and binoculars equipped, we spotted another patrol heading parallel to us.

    “Let's take 'em,” I ordered and, crouching in the grass, we inched towards the PLA patrol until they disappeared from sight behind the brow of a hill. Despite scanning the the area once again, we failed to spot them and decided to abandon the search, heading back towards the objective.

    Going prone on the hill overlooking the final SAM site, I spotted the launcher and a measly two man guard team. “This is gonna be easy,” I thought before I was interrupted by a highly feminine scream from Tim who, it turns out, had been snuck up on by the missing patrol and summarily executed. The urge to avenge Tim never really materialised and I left it to Winters and Morales to take out the patrol while I killed the SAM guards as we waited for Tim to respawn. When he eventually rejoined the action I, in admittedly cavalier fashion, strolled down the hill to plant the C4 on the SAM launcher. At which point I was greeted by a tank, which spotted me instantly and fired the big gun. A manly death cry ensued and I informed Tim of the slight problem we were facing.

    “No worries, Morales just took it out,” he replied and I looked down to see our AI squadmate, smoking bazooka in hand. Good effort, Morales. All that remained was to jump into a nearby jeep, magnanimously agree to let Tim drive and head back to the extraction point

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