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Thread: Next-gen Jak and Daxter was considered

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    Default Next-gen Jak and Daxter was considered

    Naughty Dog considered a next-gen Jak and Daxter

    DENIED! But with good intentions…

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    I never got into this series, i think i have pointer this out before.. But there was something about it that never made like it. Could be that i already was a fan or rachet and clank, thus pushing Jak & dekter back. May would have pick up if they released on PS3 since there wasnt much to play in the begining.

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    Jaks failure was when it tried to hard to clone Ratchet........Jak was UNIQUE and loveable in part 1 from part 2 it went pear shaped......all we wanted was the std platformer seen in part 1 but NO they opted to go the other route

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