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Thread: 3D software available free of charge for a limited time

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    Default 3D software available free of charge for a limited time

    I hope I am not too late with this.

    For those of you who had not already heard, DAZ will still be giving away copies of Hexagon 2.5, Bryce 7 Pro and Daz Studio Pro 4 for the next few days.

    Go to to snag yourself a copy. They may also give you a $5 voucher.

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    Not here....


    Got mine. Thanks for the Heads up Dude.
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    That's awesome phoenix! Going to go look now.


    That is so awesome! You saved me so much money since I was ready to buy Modo. Now I'll go with this instead.
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    Pleased to be of service, Sirs.
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    Thanx. Grabbed.
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    whats the total download size?

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    Big thanks to phoenix! for the heads up

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedz View Post
    whats the total download size?
    In the region of 1.46Gb

    Do you not have much cap?

    Whereabout do you live?

    Perhaps you could find out whether anyone who lives in your area has downloaded it, then sign up for an account at Daz, add the software to your cart, "buy" it, receive your serial numbers, and then ask someone who has downloaded the programs to pop it onto a DVD for you.
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    Default 3D software available free of charge for a limited time

    Great, got my serial keys now. I'm planning on getting uncapped so it shouldn't be a problem. Is there an expiry date for these keys? I also wanted to find out how hexagon 2 compares to blender 3d, anyone use both?

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