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Thread: (closed) Win Saints Row The Third (PC)

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    i want to see how this rates from GTA.
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    Tanks, jets, cars, guns and Sasha Grey what more can a man want in a game?

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    Running naket with a big dildo who would not want to do that!

    Dam syco !!! it is a valid reason would you not want to run in a game naket with a dildo!

    This game looks over the top crazy fun.
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    I just got a new graphics card, would like to test out a good game on max settings also, I want to see what it is like against GTA IV

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    I would like to win Saints Row the 3rd for PC because I really enjoyed Saints row 2, and I am a big fan of Saints Row games. I love playing "gang/robbing" games because they so dope, makes me appreciate gaming and it makes me do things I would never do in the real world

    Also I am very bad with competitions, I have never won a single competition in my life despite the number of times I enter. Hopefully If I win, I will feel more encouraged to enter more competitions.

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    Nice, I like sanbox games, and this one looks over the top crazy. Like the bobbleheads as well.

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    Because it's my birthday in March and I've never won anything XD

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    Would love to check this game out - their was alot of hype around it and also got some decent reviews! + the bobble heads are sweet!

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    Well I have never owned a bobble head or played Saints Row, but I hear its like GTA but more fun and whacky, would love to see that for myself, on my PC. (oh and the game sounds cool)

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    come on now ... in what other game can you kill someone with a dildo? LOL

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