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    My friend wants to sell his small Sony Ericcson Xperia (I don't know which model, I will post soon). He'll be selling it for R.700 and I think it's pretty good for a android phone. I have a Nokia 2700 and it's okay, but I want a android phone and it seems like a good price. I'll ask to see the phone, but I think he has kept it in good condition. Should I buy it or another phone, because people say it's not a good idea to buy a phone second hand

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    70c for a phone is quite cheap. (I'm just trolling your typo)

    If it's a good friend, ask if you could try the phone out over a weekend. I've bought 2nd hand phones from 2 of my mates in the past and never had any issues.

    I'm loving my android atm, so if you're into that kind of thing, R700 isn't all that bad I suppose.

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    I'm not so sure though... I would go online and see what else I can find. Go to and maybe the classifieds section of mybroadband. See what the people are selling there for what price and then make up your mind. I'm not a big fan of the Xperia. But Android is absolutely epic.
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    Also just check if there has been any issues with the phone. We had to take my mums in for repairs since it just stopped working - couldnt power it up nor charge it or anything. After two weeks they gave her a new one, of which the sd card isnt working. She decided to keep the phone for now instead of sending it off again.

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    The best thing you could do, as previously said, is to take the phone use it for a week and then decide. Also I would not buy a phone older that 4 years. If its been used full time for more than 4 years general ware an tare will give you problems. It might not leave the phone in an unusable state but you might be wasting you money.

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    Nvm the Xperia. His not going to sell it any more. Since I have a thread about a phone, suggest a Android phone, preferably with a keypad/keyboard thats under R2500. It can have a touch screen, but it should have a 3MP camera, flash, alot of memory and the ability to take about a 4 Gig memory card

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    I have the Motorola Atrix and Defy. Both are great phones. The Defy I use for my outdoors adventures, tough little phone and decent specs for it's price. Same goes for the Atrix. However I'm not really a Motorola fan, maybe look at samsung. Keypads / Keyboards on android phones are almost special features. Specially if you want a qwerty keyboard. And getting a decent android phone for R2500 isn't easy. So good luck.
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