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Thread: The best and worst internet connections in South Africa

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    Default The best and worst internet connections in South Africa

    The best and worst internet connections in South Africa

    South African broadband users rate their broadband connections according to speed, stability and reliability

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    Interesting. I have recently started using 8ta 3G and I am quite happy so far. I used to have Cell C 3G, which was also top notch, but had reception issues.
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    Really weird, im on mtn 3g uncapped, past my 3gb where they cap me down to 256kbps but im still downloading at an average of 50KBps and gaming is absolutely fine when capped.

    So im extremly happy with my mtn atm

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    I signed up with 8ta about 7 months ago.

    The first 5 months were fine. Occasional dropping (twice a month or so) with great speed....


    The last two months I have been plagued by constant drops, and horrendously slow speeds. Sites like Youtube now kills the connection. Etc Etc.

    Where a couple of months ago problems were addressed within a couple of hours, now, NO word back from them...after 4 complaints.

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    Interesting...didn't expect MTN & VC to tank like that.

    1mbps winning over 4mbps by a sizable margin is kinda weird. Must be a value for money thing.

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