Undoubtedly, the launch of Kinect was a monumental step forward for gaming, although maybe launched a little too soon because of the pressure of the media. Now that Star Wars Kinect has been launched and further games coming this year (Minecraft etc.) we should take a look at what is to come for Microsoft's Kinect.

The Telegraph had an article on this which can be found here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology...ented-controls

It mentions things like emotion tracking and actually talking more to your Xbox, like "Xbox, I want to watch a film." The creators are interviewed in the article and it kind of makes one excited for the future of Kinect, which lets face it, changed the game up for the rest of the console world. They were like the Mweb of the gaming world. They brought a product that totally threw the game upside down, maybe not with its delivery but certainly with its approach.