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Thread: Welcome to the Broadband Internet and gaming forum

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    Default Welcome to the Broadband Internet and gaming forum

    Hi everyone,

    We've started this new section so you have somewhere to talk about the quality of service you are getting from your broadband provider. Whether it's related to gaming services or just general internet usage.

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    For a moment I though I was browsing the MyBroadband forums.

    Do you think we'll be able to get any of the ISP reps over here, or do we have to keep going to MyBroadband to interact with them?

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    I think the MyGaming community is large enough to draw attention. While MyBB covers every broadband issue under the sun, here we can keep the discussion centred on gaming related issues, such as network performance in terms of latency and gaming traffic prioritisation.

    Increasingly the MyBB and MyGaming communities are separate entities, so this is another avenue of communication ISPs can have with their customers. As the MyGaming survey revealed, SA's gamers spend a lot of money keeping themselves connected so it makes sense for ISP reps to interact with their customers.

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    I think it's a good idea, this sub-forum. Actually been wondering why it's taken you so long to implement

    Very cool and I think it can only be a benefit to us gamers
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    Good addition to the site.

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    At last! Very welcome addidtion.

    At times it's almost embarrasing to ask gaming questions on MYBB forums.

    God job on bringing this in!

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    Mazel tov!

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    Default Afrigamer FTW

    Had an extremely bad experience with Open Web on unshaped uncapped. They had such a bad attitude as well. Changed to Afrihost's Afrigamer and could not believe the difference. With Open Web besides dc's and being unable to move due to high latency, let alone slow motion ballet in raids and Bg's, even questing in low level areas became a hit and miss. With Afrihost we feel as if we have hit Nirvana. Why did it take us so long to change? Actually, we didn't believe the Afrihost claims like their R299 pm compared to Open Web's R500 +/-. With Open Web they were unavailable after hours and told us problems with latency and mbs dipping below 3 mbps even below 1 were not their fault although Telkom and Speedtests pointed to the ISP. Afrihost are there 24/7 and the service is first world. Cannot believe the change. lol. We have been able to switch to a 10 mbps line as well, just waiting to get it now. Surely there should be some aurthority to task these sort of problems? I feel exploited.

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    I'm with afrihost(3 accounts) and I am very happy with the gaming experience I get from them however closer to the end of the month my latency increases to 300+ ms and its frustrating, and they messed up with 2 of my accounts last month ,but at least their service is very good

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    Default P o c

    I just signed up and am trying to post an opportunity to become part of a P.O.C where we are trying to focus on the gaming community with regards to direct fibre link, that takes all online gamers criteria in their internet connections demands into consideration.

    Please can you assist me with a direct contact number to perpetuate this conversation. We want to focus our network architecture around the the gaming community and need to get some face time with a consortium of SA gaming community.

    Is this possible?

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