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Thread: Opinion: Can the Wii survive in SA at its current price?

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    Default Opinion: Can the Wii survive in SA at its current price?

    Is Nintendo turning its back on 'core gamers'

    Opinion: Can the Wii survive in SA at its current price?
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    For family orientated gaming Nintendo Wii will undoublty be more popular.
    The fact that both the PS3 n X360 will be selling for +-R3500, make's it pretty much a no-brainer in my opinion.

    Only game I ever saw for the Wii and actually 'liked' was MadWorld. But seriously, how many versions of Mario does one need?

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    All Nintendo do is rehash their same game brands over and over and over anyways.

    The Wii is a nice /fun gimmick, but it is just that.

    I have felt for a very long time that Nintendo where actually glorified toy makers targeting kids. The funny thing is that the idea of a kid has changed so drastically over time that Nintendo have fallen so far behind the curve. Today's kids are into far more mature content at a younger age. These same kids, regardless of their parents actions (or lack thereof), still get their hands on these mature games, and it seems they seriously prefer mature content.

    So where does that leave Nintendo? Well targeting an ever shrinking market using niche ideas. Don't get me wrong, their games can be fun, but the bright colours and an overall 'kiddy' nature, will not hold a serious gamer for long.

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    Is this Nintendo's fault, or is Core Distribution responsible for the criminal price of Wii
    in South Africa?

    As much fun as it is, I would not have paid more than the R2000 I paid for my Wii.
    DS could also have a few hundred shaved off the price.

    As for the PS3 Slim and Xbox 360....well the price is right provided one doesn't already have a decent gaming PC and either platform has sufficient games in their respective libraries to hold one's interest.

    So, er "Serious Gamers" only play games containing Mature Content, eh Nihilist? ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    So, er "Serious Gamers" only play games containing Mature Content, eh Nihilist? ;-)
    You are misinterpreting what I said.

    Most serious gamers I know have played Nintendo styled games, but that is in the far minority of time spent gaming. So actually yes, I will say this:

    Serious Gamers play games with Mature Type Content - MOST of the time.

    Mature not just meaning - Blood, sex, violence, 'pew-pew keel stufs!' Just meaning less - Overly bright colours, chibi stylings, awww that's cute, styles of games.

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    I personally can't imagine the Wii currently selling well in South Africa at its current price.

    South Africans don't really tend to be suckers for the hype train, which is what the Wii is riding on mostly in my opinion.
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    I don't think that it's really the hype that make people buy it. I think it's more firmly targeted @ families with young children.
    I've looked @ Wii plenty times and to be honest, just does not appeal to me :/

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    hhmm, don't know. The Wii... don't think we have the right market for it. We have too much sun

    The only Wii I checked out, is when it was a model playing Wii Fit or Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
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