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Thread: Carmageddon earns Reincarnation as a Kickstarter project

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    Default Carmageddon earns Reincarnation as a Kickstarter project

    Carmageddon: Reincarnation, initially announced as a downloadable multiplatform game last year (Tinman posted some info), now depends on Kickstarter for completion.

    Patrick Buckland and Neil Barnden, CEO and Executive Director of Stainless Games, tell an all-too-common horror story from creatives stuck in a bad business deal. After doing work-for-hire projects with their new company in the mid '90s, they finally released a passion project, called Carmageddon, which featured goofy and gory, over-the-top vehicular carnage, and still claims a place in the heart of older PC gamers everywhere. In order to get published, they sold rights for the title to SCI, which co-published the game with Interplay.

    The title was followed up with a sequel in 1998 (it was called Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now, back when games could be called things like that), but when the sequel didn't do as well, the worst happened: Buckland and Barnden lost their own creation. They've spent years since then trying to get the rights back.

    Source Joystiq

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    I still have my Original Disks (Carmageddon and Splat pack)

    Fear Factory Soundtrack FTW

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    Too much too fast. This bubble is going to burst. Considering the only actual, commercial, game to come out of a Kickstart type project is Minecraft people seem very keen to put down money for unproven game concepts and on unknown developers. For all the good this can do for the Industry it can do double the amount of damage to it. There has already been 2 confirmed Scam Kickstarter projects and it would be interesting to see how long the ADD Generation are willing to wait for the project they kick started before throwing their toys and we see lawsuits being filed in record quantities.

    Its awesome that the consumer can now dictate what gets made by literally voting with their wallets but when this goes wrong it is going to be the indi devs hardest hit.

    Yes Stainless games isn't an unknown developer and Carmageddon isn't a unproven game concept but do a scroll through other kickstarter projects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maplassie View Post
    I still have my Original Disks (Carmageddon and Splat pack)

    Fear Factory Soundtrack FTW
    Me to. I loved Carmageddon the original release (first game) and a perfect HD release would be awesome.
    But then OmegaFenix has a point
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    lets hope its good. if it is then i will gladly get it.

    used to love carmagedon(first one)
    the second one wasnt that good

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    The Carmageddon series was always awesome, even the later iterations but now this definitely needs to be dragged in to HD! Can you just imagine mowing down heaps of pedestrians on your big screen? Pulling off the most insane "cunning stunt" bonuses? Sure, this may take a few years but we have waited many years for other awesome titles.

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    Carpocalypse now was my favourite, too much of fun!

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