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Thread: Could casual gaming destroy innovation in the hardcore market?

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    Default Could casual gaming destroy innovation in the hardcore market?

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    Might be a good thing if big studios shifted their focus to the casual iphone market, same thing happened to PC vs console(not saying console is casual), with everyone foretelling the imminent death of PC gaming.
    But instead indie games started getting more popular, and imo that`s where most of the innovation happens

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    "new, innovative and breakout games".. you jest, right?
    While I love my PC & console gaming "innovation" is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my favourite past-time.
    Rather I think of evolutionary, predictable, safe and derivative. When you have $50m to spend on developing a game, do you go balls-to-the-wall different or do you play it safe by pandering to the established market and expectations?
    If your budget is, say, $50k you can push the boundaries a lot more. IMHO, the casual games show far more innovation than the old skool AAA titles generally do.
    One thing I will grant you: big "hardcore" titles *do* push technology limits in terms of graphics, sound and physics.

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