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Thread: Live Ban List

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    Default Live Ban List

    Current Bans: - 31 days or more

    90 Days:

    Permanent or PB bans for hacking as of June 2012:

    fc00fbda HOSCHOOS
    529cb96f Call Me aka Nanuk
    9db91c73 Boo
    94e347d7 PuNkBuStEr SuCk
    715c4947 stalion
    9c089efa Alwaysthe1
    974a7581 Jaun
    83938eb6 ME
    9c089efa random guy
    aa475e5a tAx
    8a847cd9 |VoV|BlueSteel
    6d496c21 NOOB
    b34624f3 ZER0
    1a429b2d Sgt.price
    1a429b2d krapman
    aa47e035 Sgt.price
    cff36170 yoh
    d54e712d Legend
    82472947 dot
    d0867cbb lol
    8dd16c45 X11
    12bdaf3d Christobeast
    f75812fa [POF]DjFrisks
    0e3d7494 AWE
    760d01d5 TIRED
    dd93bd62 n.weedyyy
    69d43503 dafaq
    a473e75e cable man
    777bffc9 RAWR
    d5a31838 Big Corn Bites aka iLR.NeOnZz
    84fd5a97 Ghost
    cc1ea74 Ghost
    1727c5d6 TROLL
    79032d70 Trash
    5872d4b3 umzz1z1z11z
    4bcc9db4 TouchMehPaw
    d17086d9 FlyingBeaver
    014f35e4 Siphon
    99c6f5f1 B(.)(.)Bs
    5dc4db84 j4581592
    f81e3bb1 aiirfuzionz
    34b0f8b9 MCHaXoR
    59ba0e83 Hax
    43aecbda eLG
    1231a21d Player
    ce66518c Light<3
    34430811 _-iMD-_CoSMo aka ELKOHOLIK
    0d7a6de0 Vexare
    a8e44c8b Lobo
    531f0239 Chucky
    b5bc08fa TTF Viper
    9c4bc843 Chucky

    DoS Bans:

    80e88cdb [iG][email protected]!0r
    f7762d57 Spectre
    32eb886b A.,
    b21161f9 A.,
    6b538339 Foxy Roxy
    d86983aa b.F1ap_<3
    e41f99fd Impossibru
    fcf53add ._.
    28eb8092 Teddie
    5c0a12f2 Jari
    687867ed Terminal3
    7895451e Terminal2
    d4e4413c blah
    14fb5224 blah
    1b339c2a blah
    8aadc4b7 DeMoN!c
    b371901a MaGiCmAn
    ce323a41 DuckDaniels
    106df725 Ps[-_-]Lomz.l2m
    ec20c04e Fosho
    8d25fdea d fosho
    da6ea8a8 Emporio aka Kash
    612887de |MEoW|DraXxuS
    936c0453 in my broek
    ba3a6bf4 `code5
    97334222 ' code 6
    aa773582 iGame Delta aka Razor aka iGame Alpha
    7841a1dc Ultimate Screw
    6482e8e3 {JAH}GoldenHawk
    32204c0c = igame = g_y aka b.viazU
    562fc80a = i[g]ame = g_y aka 4R|Brush
    a0524284 sTs'TheMan
    bc33104b {JAH}GoldnHawk|
    690ca99d HACKSBRSAH
    c8ac667 :. aka ViVid
    4ea0a008 TepsA oMega
    01586e2b Cpt.price
    b5c53c8a iGame.emagI
    b9145ea6 Koekvet
    2e299647 c***bitchf****** - Name censored
    ee3ff30 Peanut
    74a16858 insane
    c23af476 R.A.K
    8d522d52 <S.C.F>Scythe|A
    f9aa973f potato
    8ac5edb7 pOOchiE
    ecc148d3 SENS sxzoR :>
    8ca38d48 Rengi
    f4e008ad iGame.Spartan aka Voodoo
    ef0ce0ea this is SPARTA!
    6dba76b4 L-FaXiTy.NITSEC
    8d9e0173 L-FaXiTy.NITSEC
    09851c22 grave digga
    50a85d1d IGAME.LIVID
    b302f984 TayJim
    96df7de7 efkn
    8fafad0b igame.spartan aka drew
    39786218 xennii aka Kush
    f1201785 XenonR
    b8944059 lag per ms aka teabag
    9e1298cc Skinz
    3c3c2299 iGame Spartan aka Unkown Admin Impersonator
    79c37012 Pronutro
    fb370ac6 Bully1244
    89b4d36f Rambo



    **Please note - Bans listed in the Live Ban List are from June 2012 onwards and most recent. Any bans, including DoS bans, older than this list are not listed but still active.
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