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Thread: CoD4 patch angers gamers

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    Default CoD4 patch angers gamers

    Infinity Ward annoys gamers with latest update

    CoD4 patch angers gamers

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    I haven't "clocked" myself yet, but I have been known to to be a fast clicker. I hazard a guess that I could let off at least three shots in a second.

    I think .5 seconds between shots is too long, rather make it .33

    It's a shame that this has been brought about due to "binders".

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    Good thing its only console versions. It does kinda suck when people complain, IW is trying to keep it fair. So what if u can't squeeze off a full mag in the time it takes the other guy to click. Atleast he wont be able to do it either. Playing field is even so its makes it better for all, or am i just being an idealist again?
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    I've shot a G3 like a SMG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maplassie View Post
    I've shot a G3 like a SMG
    ur just a bloody maniac when it comes to that G3 lmao
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    Quote Originally Posted by sycogrim View Post
    ur just a bloody maniac when it comes to that G3 lmao
    I Luuuuuuuuuuurve it!

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    Haha yeah this is why online shooters are meant to be played on PC's and not on consoles :P.

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    Firstly: G3 ftw!

    Second: If console gamers want to be so competitive, that they have to modify the controller to shoot faster... then they should be playing competitive FPS's on PC's.
    Thats my opinion and im sticking to it! :P

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    You speak like somebody I know........

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    Yourself perhaps?

    By the way what server's do you mG CoD4 players play on? I'm mostly on iGame Alpha or Beta.
    Also is there any official mGaming clan? I'd be interested to join or get something going if everyone was up for it.

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