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Thread: Crystal Dynamics denies any "rape" in Tomb Raider

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    Default Crystal Dynamics denies any "rape" in Tomb Raider

    Crystal Dynamics denies any "rape" in Tomb Raider

    “Sexual assault of any kind categorically not a theme that we cover in this game.”

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    “This is where Lara is forced to kill another human for the first time. In this particular section, while there is a threatening undertone in the sequence and surrounding drama, it never goes any further than the scenes that we have already shown publicly. Sexual assault of any kind [is] categorically not a theme that we cover in this game.”

    So that’s nice, but it’s sort of hard to believe it was a misunderstanding when the game’s executive producer actually even used the word “rape” to describe the controversial scene.
    What word would you like the producer to use when describing the guy attacking Lara and trying to force himself on her?

    I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I get that there is sexism & the objectifying of women in games. Heck I can even to some degree understand the outcry over the Hitman trailer where the protagonist actually is the one beating up women but this, seriously? Did the inclusion of a rape scene in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Novel) turn it into a trash pulp novel? No. Did the inclusion of the same scene in the Swedish adaption of the novel, who anyone who has seen it will tell you it was deeply disturbing, do anything but help the viewer/reader feel for Lisbeth? No it didn't. Yes its a good thing Crystal Dynamic didn't go the whole nine yards and actually include Lara getting raped but the risk of it happening does more for the character and our understanding of Lady Croft than all the previous games put together.

    I will stand by any women trying to crush the culture of sexism in games, I will physically assault any man who tries to force himself on any woman but what I wont do is stand buy and let fearmongering and ignorance damage the medium's march towards a serious media because we are afraid to face sensitive issues.
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