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Thread: Article mistakes and corrections

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    Default Article mistakes and corrections

    Please post here any mistakes you spot - grammatical, typo, or factual. It will be great if you can post:

    • Article Link
    • Mistake description & paragraph number

    Kindly refrain from having discussions in this thread to make it easier to fix mistakes and track new posts

    Thanks for the help

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    What about grammatical errors?? Which obviously will be a rare find.
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    I did already mention grammatical errors

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    One of the headings says Marko, not Makro by any chance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkasaur View Post

    One of the headings says Marko, nor Makro by any chance?
    Thanks, will fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint_Dee View Post
    The PES 2013 feature story's heading is currently "PES 2012: 5 things you need to know"
    Thanks, fixing it now :S

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    2 things

    Opening paragraph
    While it’s only been two years since the original
    4th paragraph
    as well as those who put time into the 2010 release.
    Borderlands was released in 2009, making it 3 years old.

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    Thanks! Fixing it now.

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    Not here....


    The Link in this thread doesn't work:
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