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    Default The WTF thread

    I thought I'd start a thread about normal everyday things, that one day you think about, and go WTF, that doesn't make sense at all.

    What got me thinking of this is that on the way to work this morning, I heard something on the radio about parallel parking, and I though that surely when people are parking next to each other like in a normal parking lot, they are parking in parallel. If anything, what we call parallel parking is in fact parking in series.

    Then I saw a weather vane, and I though, why are they almost always in the shape of a rooster? Are roosters especially aerodynamic or something? Are they good for pointing a direction? Why isn't it just an arrow or something.

    As you may have guessed by now, I spend a lot of time being bored in traffic.

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    I feel the same about certain word terminology. Like the comedian George Carlin states, "Here's one they just made up: "near miss". When two planes almost collide, they call it a near miss. It's a near hit. A collision is a near miss."

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    This can be the official video of this thread.

    That does not make sense!

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