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Thread: *WINNER ANNOUNCE* Cooler Master HAF XM PC case with Sonic Informed

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    Default *WINNER ANNOUNCE* Cooler Master HAF XM PC case with Sonic Informed

    Courtesy of Sonic Informed, we have one Cooler Master HAF XM PC case to give away to a lucky MyGaming community member.

    Hard-to-please MyGaming reviewer Derrick Cramer was impressed with the case, saying:

    The HAF series from Cooler master is pretty successful, and the XM is a perfect example of why. The case is feature rich, lives up to its high airflow name and bears the HAF series’ signature styling. It can get a bit loud, though this is the sacrifice gamers make for great airflow. Overall, the HAF XM is a fantastic case that comes highly recommended.
    Learn more about the case in his review: Cooler Master HAF XM case review

    The prize is the the same unit as used in the review.

    How to enter

    Visit the Hardware section of MyGaming and pick an article that you find interesting/funny/terrible/life changing.

    Paste the link to that article in your post here, and tell us what you thought of it.


    - Post once in this thread. This is your entry into the competition.

    - Make sure you are up to speed with the MyGaming Forum rules.

    - Make at least two posts a day from your time of entry. This will be checked when the winner is drawn.

    - Minimum of 20 lifetime posts required to qualify by time of the draw.

    - Entrants must be a resident of and residing in South Africa.

    - Entry into the competition closes at 11AM, Monday, 3 September 2012.

    Winner announce

    - On Monday, 3 September 2012, the winner will be chosen.

    - The winner will be announced in this thread, as well as in a new thread in the MyGaming competition forum.

    - Reminders will be sent out via the MyGaming twitter stream and MyGaming Facebook page.


    The competition starts now. Good luck and have fun!

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    Wow, don't know whether this is karma, but here goes. (Original isn't it )

    I'm still the proud owner of the ancient Cooler Master Stacker which I have had since 2005. Just last night I was trying to swap my gfx card with my fiancé so she could join in on BF3, and I had one hell of a time trying to open the case since it just jammed for some reason and nearly ended up having to break the side panel open. With this I figured it might be time for a new case some time soon, and then I saw the new Cooler Master HAF XM PC case in all it's glory when I opened the MyGaming Competitions and Giveaways thread.

    Since my CM Stacker is so ancient, I find the following features which the CM HAF XM offers to be exceptional.

    - Front Panel USB3
    - High Airflow Design
    - Water Cooling Support
    - 90° Rotated, latched right side panel for easy access
    - Sliding PSU cable cover for improved cable management. (Great since I don't sport a modular PSU)

    The most appealing feature is the High Airflow Design which should help me a lot with the cooling of my i7 2600K since I am still on a stock cooler and constantly have to deal with overheating.

    Thnx for the review and all the informative specifications covered in this review! This surely looks the part and style I love.

    Coolermaster, Once again you failed to disappoint me.
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    SSD Pricing Compared

    Getting an SSD is becoming more affordable each day... This article (and similar SSD articles) keep me thinking that I may soon have one too!

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    This is pretty awesome! one day when I'm rich I'll have to invest in one, seeing as I run all my games on a separate drive, this would be ideal

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    While i may not upgrade any time soon,this was a good read.

    My rig is pretty much high end and just lacks a good GPU and SSD.

    The ''Hardware enthusiast must haves'' page was also interesting and i definitely want to try overclocking my screen after buying a new one just for testing/curiosity sake.
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    Well done Derrick on a very entertaining article. It was informative and made me laugh (although I cringed at the part about the end of the high-end graphics card snapping off, that must've sucked... big time...)

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    This pricing makes me a sad panda.
    "My friend told me the other day that I was delusional. I almost fell off my Unicorn."

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    I have to admit, it's amazing how a new mid level card like the 660ti outperforms my current 570.
    My only issue with the 660 is that it seems to have taken quite a step up in price as well.

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