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Thread: Thread Killer Mk IV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimspoon View Post
    Not to much man, just grafting
    Well I bought myself XBL 12 Month Subscription 2100 MS Points and already downloaded Burnout
    All it takes is ONE BAD DAY tO ReDuCe the SaNesT Man Alive To LuNaCy. That's How Far The World Is From Where I am. JUST ONE BAD DAY

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowFox
    I'm gonna tolerate and love...........THE SHIT OUTTA YOU
    Shadowfox's response to me in my failed attempts to annoy him

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    Afternoon everyone.
    T A N S T A A F L

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    Ello crusader

    How goes it?

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    Thread Killer Mk IV is dead! Long live Thread Killer Mk V!

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