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    Default Guild Wars 2 South Africa articles and guides

    New Article on GW2SA by Teppic - Unity in Diversity!

    Showcase Your Guild!

    Guild Wars! The name is indicative of what you can expect whilst playing. In the storyline you will meet NPC’s (non-playing characters) from various Guilds like The Order of Whispers, Ebon Vanguard, Xunlai, Zaishen, Wolfborn, Durmand Priory, Vigil and many more. Some are ancient groups and others more recent, many have rivalries with each other but all stand together against the Dragons and specifically Zhaitan!

    As a parallel to these Guilds, the Players of Guild Wars set up their own Guilds in much the same fashion. They also band together in Alliances, and they have rivalries, even more so than in the original Guild Wars through the introduction of World versus World. The latest release also offers another flavour, multi-guild membership. Essentially this means you can belong to more than one guild, to a current limit of three. You can only however, represent one guild at a time. There are many advantages to belonging to a guild, like access to a guild storage facility, improved buffs for various activities and guild weapons and armour, to name a few. Over and above those advantages, you have the social aspects, communal help with missions, banding together to make war and to generally connect with likeminded players.

    So what makes up a guild? The nuts and bolts… read more here

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    Showcase your guild : Introducing Scatterlings of Africa [GWSA]

    Meet The Brains, The Brawn and The Beauty

    One of the questions posed to them were :

    What is something that sets your guild apart from other guilds? What makes it unique, or notorious, or renowned?

    "Our song makes our guild unique, our guild name is not just some random thought up name, it has meaning. There is a part of Africa in every single person."

    Read more here ...
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    Showcase your Guild : Introducing - The Legendary Immortals [NiN]:

    Meet this “Never taking things too serious, we are just a group of people enjoying the game together and helping each other when they can” Guild

    One of the questions posed to them were :

    What is your guild’s mission statement/overall goal?
    Kick @ss and chew bubblegum but we are mostly too broke to afford Tyrian gum.

    Read more here ....
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    Showcase your Guild : Introducing Sorted [STD]
    Meet this fun loving bunch of people

    One of the questions posed to them were :

    What do you feel is the biggest myth or stereotype for a guild of your type? Why?

    The oldest myth is that Sorted hosts Elitist members. Several of the old members would create mini factions within the guild. This mentality has long been removed.
    Read more here
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    Show case your Guild : Introducing Legend of the End [END]

    Meet The guild that is overall a casual one. There are no demands on people's time or availability. We decide, as a group, what sort of event's we're going to participate in. Fun times indeed.

    One of the Questions posed to them were :

    In terms of someone being removed from your guild, what kind of behavior is zero-tolerance? Second chance? Three strikes you’re out?

    In regards to removal, there is zero tolerance for people who would damage the guilds image, discrimination is a big no, attempting to leech from the guild. People who are the type to stir drama would get a second chance along with those who try to bully others or order people about. People who inconvenience the members, are rude, make too many demands and unfriendly would generally fall into the third strike category

    Read more here ...
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    Showcase your Guild : Introducing Unforgiven Gaming [UNF]

    Meet Unforgiven Gaming that was founded as a community for South African players with a "casual" but "dedicated" play style. By "casual" we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family or other interests, and whose play time may be fairly random. By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully in each game we play and give 100% to the guild. The primary goal of our division leaders is to ensure that Unforgiven Gaming is a friendly and stable MMO community for players to enjoy playing in. Yes we're organised, and yes we're particular about our guild's rules and expectations. No we do not operate as a democracy, but we aren't a dictatorship either, and will go out of our way to ensure everyone in each division is getting a good deal. At the same time, we expect contribution in return. The more you put into Unforgiven Gaming, the more you will get out. We are not a guild for loners or players just after a tag or chat room. We are a guild for team players and mature adults who are helpful, outgoing, and hopefully have a good sense of humour!

    One of the questions posed to them were :

    When your guild hits a road block, what do you do to try and maintain morale?

    We cut the lights, put on our hazards and reverse to the nearest off-ramp ...
    Jokes aside, we're a close-knit group. When things go awry, we take a step back, chill, have a laugh, regroup and return for moar ass-whooping.

    Read more here ...

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    Dear Guild Wars 2 SA Fan,

    At the recent get together, I had a lovely chat to Beasty about amongst other things, the plight of the Rhino’s.

    We both believe it is every South Africans responsibility to create awareness for these majestic beasts, if we don’t start doing something, we’ll soon only see the Rhino on our Ten Rand note, and their stature will become a distant memory.

    Beasty conjured up a magnificent dream of having Ghost Rhinos run the Plains of Ascalon in GW2. I added to the dream suggesting that we could possibly get a NPC in LA where people can donate to, which ANET/NCsoft in return could pass on to

    If ANET already sold in excess of 1,000,000 copies of the game, and they relent to our plea of giving us some Rhinos & Npc in GW2, we WILL make a difference and create Awareness from our side.

    This is where we need the assistance of the GW2SA community. I need you to help me come up with some ideas, or feel free to suggest changes to mine, so we can get ANET’s to do this.

    This is a very rough sketch of my plans, and we will most probably need to alter it :

    1) Create a Page on Facebook : E.g. “GW2 help fight against Rhino Poaching”, then get everybody and their mothers to “LIKE” the page, obviously the more likes the better, so I will quite possibly be begging you to share it once up (Will make sure that it also links to
    2) Send out Newsletters from the GW2SA forum (sorry if you get lots of mails from us).
    3) Bug all the Guilds & Guild Leaders we know to assist with creating awareness.
    4) Bug some of the European Communities for above too
    5) Prewarn ANET of our Plans.
    6) Contact StopRhinoPoaching and advise of our plans.
    7) Do whatever else needs to be done or whatever you think is needed.

    Once Rhinouary is done, send a complete prospectus with above “Ammo” to Anet and then beg and plead with a bit of nagging inbetween (I am very good at that ) till it’s done.

    My sincere thanks & Kudo's to Sinner who helped with the Logo

    Please post your thoughts here :

    Zeu from The Guild Wars 2 SA Fan Page Team.

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    Exclamation Poach Eggs - Not Rhino's - A GW2SA Initiative

    Dear All,

    Name:  rhino3.JPG
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    Just a follow up to my previous posting, re our latest initiative against Rhino Poaching.

    I am pleased to announce that the Facebook page was created :

    Please, please like and share this page with as many people as possible

    Many thanks for your help


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    Default Guild Wars 2 South Africa articles and guides

    Hi. Well I don't play guild wars 2
    But I just thought I'd make the time to thank you for this. This is really great of you guys. And I really hope ANET will do something about this

    I'll share this with my friends and family every bit helps.

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    Thumbs up Two GW2 South African Guilds Become famous on YouTube : TCV & GWSA

    We are super proud of Two South African Guild Wars 2 Guilds : TCV and GWSA

    TCV - The Crimson Vanguard
    GWSA - Scatterlings of Africa

    They pawned the poor Germans in this Vid.
    (They are the enemy in this YouTube vid)

    Kudos to both Guilds for an awesome job

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