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Thread: Oldest hdd in your pc at the moment?

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    Red face Oldest hdd in your pc at the moment?

    Oldest hdd in your pc at the moment?

    Seems my maxtor 200gb wins at power on count 3872 and power on hours 17719

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    **used crystal disk info
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    I don't restart my pc very often...

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    'tis my oldest baby

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    Its older than my brother :O

    Do I win
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    2 - 3 years i think

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    Still have this 200gb kicking around. And now that it's summer my pc is suffering in this hot study!

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    reminds me of trump cards

    Quote Originally Posted by Dohc-WP View Post
    WD Caviar Blue its almost 4 years old now

    Need... more.... partitions!....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post

    reminds me of trump cards

    Need... more.... partitions!....
    Yes actually !

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    First pc build last 10 months old

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