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Thread: Help HANDsolo pick an ADSL Router/Modem

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    Question Help HANDsolo pick an ADSL Router/Modem

    Hey guys.

    I've finally decided to get ADSL at home, but I don't know the first thing about routers and modems. Since I know nothing about what is out there, I need you guys to recommend a few router/modem so that I have a starting point from which to do some research in order to make a decision.

    The setup I have at home, that I would all want connected to the interwebz, is as follow:
    Uber Gaming PC (wired)
    Xbox 360 (wireless/wired)
    Laptop (wireless)
    PS3 (coming soon)

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    what do you want to go for capped or uncapped ADSL line and how much are you willing to pay pm?

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    I can recommend staying away from D-Link, or "Dont-Link" as I discovered many IT professionals call them. Unfortunately I only learned this after I bought mine. Its not all bad, just gives me hassles every now and then.

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    I plan to go 3GB cap for now. I need internet as my new position requires me to work from home, but I will obviously be using it for pleasure too (online gaming, not pron). But, I will look into getting a big local account later and do that route sentry thing. I'm not clued up in ADSL at all (line costs, ISP's, route sentry, etc.) but I'm doing some research on that now.

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    I have a Billion 5200 router myself... It was a cheap purchase when I had my ADSL line (I steered far away from the Telkom Marconi products), and its never failed

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    Steer clear of the Telkom routers, On my 2nd router and they give nothing but trouble.
    I would recommend Linksys but they can be quite expensive.

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    My little Linksys loves me.

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    I'm looking for model numbers too so that I can google some reviews.

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    I only Use Billion modems. For me at home and my clients.

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