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Thread: Street Fighter IV gets pirated

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    Default Street Fighter IV gets pirated

    Capcom's modernized version of their classic fighting title hits the internet

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    So much for the enmass big drive against DRM and Blu-Ray. Using common DVD and PC platforms will lead to this kind of mass pirating. Thats why most are against DRM, etc, as that means they can easilly MOD the Xbox and steal copyrigh titles to enjoy their freedoms of theft.

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    When it comes to something like this I'm 100% behind the anti-pirates. Before the game is even released, that's just crashing the industry big time, and with a game as potentially awesome as Street Fighter IV, well, that's just lame.

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    R715 for this game @ bt games ! im sorry im going to wait for a preplayed copy ! there's no way im paying R600+ for consoles games anymore

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    I _REALLY_ am looking forward to getting a legit copy of this game when the prices drop. I won't get my xbox chipped.

    It's one thing to copy games from a friend, but to leak a pirate copy before it's even released is just stupid. Imagine if all the gaming software writers decide to scrap the industry and do application software? I can bet you the pirateers will be the 1st ones to bitch&moan.

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