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Thread: Farming Simulator 2013 review (MyGaming)

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    Default Farming Simulator 2013 review (MyGaming)

    Farming Simulator 2013 review (MyGaming)

    A romp in the hay or a tragic combine-harvester accident?

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    We were at a lan about 2 months ago and this one guy was playing Farming Simulator and he had about 4 guys standing behind him enthralled in the 'awesomeness' of this guy ploughing a field. I was kinda confused.

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    Best game ever TBQFH.

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    Oh my greatness... Where has this game been all my life

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    I played the 2012 version a while ago. For some reason it's really fun.

    If you are interested I would highly recommend Agricultural Simulator as an alternative.

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