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Thread: Video game violence video explains video game violence

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    Default Video game violence video explains video game violence

    Video game violence in action

    Video game violence through the eyes of some dark humour

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    How to gamers relate to video game violence?

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    this has been an age old debate. really... its a pile of crud. i've been playing computer games since 1986 when i first saw the apple 2e - and then my dad bought me a 'japple' (japanese apple) called fk727 i think... it was brilliant - aside from the orange monitor. i've played every type of game there is, online, offline, rpg, fps, rts, adventure, platform games, and i loved mortal kombat. playing excessively violent games, especially in the last few years when graphic detail has become very lifelike has not had any impact on my own personal views on violence.

    i'm a practicing hindu - we're famous for our ghandi-like approach to things where violence is just not an answer. i've never felt that computer games in any way influence me toward accepting violence in real life, or in some subtle way turned me into a violent person.

    i think it has a lot to do with my upbringing. my parents instilled a certain set of values in me, and taught me to respect my elders, respect authority, and also that violence is never a solution to any problem.

    i think many young people today don't necessarily have the same level of respect. i was playing online in battlefield and my character's picture was that of a black man (just coded this way by the game), and i happened to kill an enemy player. he started abusing me and called me the 'k' word.

    that kind of behaviour is not because he plays battlefield. its because in his house, his parents probably use that word, and probably propogate that kind of racism and hate. if i used a word like that in my parents house, there would be consequences. the same applies to respecting elders etc - if at home, you get away with it programs you to continuously behave that way outside of your home.

    i dont think ea intended to create a racial divide by pitting black against white, it was probably just the easy of depicting america vs russia/communist. unfortunate though, because the above incident was not an isolated one... there were many, many cases of really unpleasant racial abuse in online servers, so much so that i stopped playing battlefield. maybe these kids just think that only white people play games or something, so its ok to be racist, but i'm not white and racism offends me because its wrong. simple. there's no argument for racism anywhere in the world. so they can't argue that getting shot repeatedly by a 'black persona' in battlefield propogates racism - and its the computer games' fault.

    there was a big hooohaaa when some american kids went crazy and shot up a school - a report said that they played doom and an outcry started that these violent games were the cause. rubbish. that kind of insanity where you think its ok to take an automatic weapon into a school yard and kill innocent people does not and cannot come from a computer game. i'd look at those kids home life, their parents and their upbringing and definitely get a psychologist on board.

    again, games like grand theft auto involve doing obviously criminal things. the game has an age restriction, and it is up to parents to control what their kids are doing. too many parents do parenting by abdication - give the kid a game and lock him in his room - gives them some peace. my parents always checked what i was doing on my computer - although they were not strict about age restrictions. i watched quite a few movies that were above my age restriction. but i think my parents knew that i could tell fact from fiction, and that i never associated what was on the screen (computer or tv) with real life.

    to me, its all about parenting. good parents vs bad parents - they will determine how a person is socialised and what behavioural patterns they'll have.

    my 2 cents

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