The latest Playstation Vita update is now available to download worldwide.

The update includes a plethora of features and fixes for the Playstation Vita. In this update, the most notable features are the introduction of Playstation Plus for the Vita, an email application and the improvement of the web browser. Other features in the update should also receive a warm welcome among Vita owners.

Check out the official release:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)has announced that as part of the version 2.00 System Software Update for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), they will be bringing PlayStation Plus (PS Plus), a subscription service package from PlayStation Network, to PS Vita. Allowing fans to get even more from the world’s most powerful portable system the subscription service will be available on PS Vita from the 20th November and it will be available to existing PlayStation 3 (PS3)subscribers for no additional cost.

PS Plus offers subscribers even more with the release of PS Plus on PS Vita. As part of the Instant Game Collection, subscribers will be able to enjoy PS Vita titles including Uncharted: Golden Abyss™, Gravity Rush and Chronovolt. Members will have access to four games per month, as well as to a multitude of other perks such as free play, exclusive discounts and online storage.

PS3 fans can rest assured, if they’re already a PS3 owner with an existing PS Plus membership, they will be able to enjoy PS Plus features and services on both PS3 and PS Vita - at no extra cost.

The Instant Game Collection across both platforms means players will have a constant library of 14 games and at least five new games a month, which means over 65 games a year for PS3 and PS Vita. Gamers will also receive automatic updates with the service to ensure they are on top of the latest PS3 and PS Vita game and software updates.

Other cross platform benefits mean players can set their trophies and game saves to synchronise automatically, and access to online storage like never before will give fans up to 2GB of game saves online (1GB on PS3 and 1GB on PS Vita).