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Thread: Buy & Sell Thread

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    Question Buy & Sell Thread

    I would like to request a section for "Buy & Sell"

    People can sell / buy games and such using the forum section.

    NOT the same as MYBB's classifieds section.

    The idea would be to use the forum / replies etc to do deals etc.

    Maybe also incorporate some sort of basic (star type) 'trusted' seller rating system.

    Look at Prophecy for example.

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    I like this idea, similar to buy/sell that was on the nag/sgs forums, bought items from both, it's a big help...

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    There is a sticky with some games for sale in the general gaming forum, if you are looking for something specific or to post something.

    My thinking was to have a separate sticky for each platform and possibly a separate one for hardware, or even have the hardware one in the hardware forum. I don't think it would be great having to many stickies though, so maybe a separate area might be a good idea.
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