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    The MyGaming Dota 2 Sunday Evening Cup Series (SECS) runs every Sunday starting at 5pm.

    Each season lasts five weeks, with the fifth being a playoff week.

    SECS uses a double-sided single-elimination bracket. In other words, nobody is out after the first round. Instead, losing teams are put into their own single-elimination bracket.

    All matches are best-of-one. Every Sunday is a new bracket, and the bracket must be completed on Sunday night.

    Teams get 2 points per win in the winner's bracket (including the first round); and 1 point per win in the loser's bracket. Points accumulate throughout the season.

    The eight teams with the most points will be seeded into the playoff brackets. If there is a tie for 8th place, a playoff game will be used to determine who enters the brackets. If a team does not wish to participate in the playoffs, the next highest scoring team will take their place.

    At the end of the season the winning team will receive 3 bonus points; runner up 2 points; and the winner of the lower bracket 1 point.


    The top 2 teams in the playoff will receive prizes courtesy of MyGaming:

    1st: R 1,500
    2nd: R 500

    Prizes will be paid directly to the team captain, whose responsibility it will then be to distribute the money to his/her team.

    Prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of the end of the season.


    Opening Season: 10 February - 10 March 2013
    Season 2: 7 April - 5 May 2013


    1. A valid MyGaming forum account is required to enter the tournament.

    2. Teams are tied to a captain. If the captain leaves, a new team must be formed. Rosters must be submitted, but ringers are allowed. Nobody is allowed to play on more than one team in any given week.

    3. At least 3/5 players in every game must be from South Africa.

    4. All players must be registered with their most common name. All players must play with their most common name in-game.

    5. Every team must have at least one representative on IRC in channel #PolarfluKe ( This IRC channel will be used for all forms of communication, including contacting opponents, coordinating with streamers, and reporting match results. Alternatively, each team must have a representative in the PolarfluKe channel on Dota 2.

    6. SECS starts at 4:45pm. You must check-in with the tournament admin between 4:00 - 4:45pm. Teams who do not check-in by 4:45 will not be included in the bracket. Matches start at 5:00pm. Any team without five players in the game lobby by 5:00pm will forfeit the match. When you are late, you waste the time of your opponents, the tournament admins, and the streamers. One delayed match will consequently delay the entire tournament.

    7. Do not postpone matches, even if both teams agree.

    8. Report match results to the tournament admin in #PolarfluKe ( Additionally, an end game screenshot must be posted to the MyGaming Dota 2 SECS forum.

    9. Any observer is allowed to stream matches. Players are not allowed to broadcast a first-person stream of their own match.

    10. Game settings:

    Server Location: Luxemburg
    Game Mode: Captains Mode
    Starting Team: Radiant
    Version: Latest
    Spectators: Enabled
    Cheats: Disabled

    If teams cannot agree which side to play on, the team with more total points according to the season standings gets to choose. If it is a tie, the tournament admin will flip a coin.

    Team captains may agree to make use of the South African Dota 2 servers. Luxemburg will remain default though.

    11. Those who do not wish to follow the rules will be asked to leave. Please use this tournament as an opportunity to practice professionalism as well as game performance.
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