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Thread: *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* MyGaming Reloaded competition

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    Default *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* MyGaming Reloaded competition

    As you may have noticed, we have redesigned the MyGaming News page.

    We'd love to know what you think - love it or hate it. If you have encountered any bugs, glitches, or broken features, this is the place to let us know.

    We love giving back to our wonderful readers, and so we are also having a blow-out competition to celebrate.

    For simply sharing your opinion on the MyGaming News redesign over on the MyGaming forum, you can stand a chance to win one of the following awesome prizes:

    • Sony Tablet S 32GB
    • Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard
    • Gunnar Groove computer eye-wear

    How to Enter

    Vote on the poll attached to this post. This is your entry into the competition. Your choice will not affect your chance of winning.

    Leave some feedback on the MyGaming News redesign.

    Discussions are welcome in this thread.


    - Vote once on the poll attached to this thread. This is your entry into the competition. Your rating will not affect your chance of winning.

    - Conversation is welcome in this thread.

    - Make sure you are up to speed with the MyGaming Forum rules - especially the rules related to competitions.

    - Minimum of 20 lifetime posts required to qualify by time of the draw.

    - Spamming to get yourself to 20 posts will get you disqualified. Quality conversational on-topic posts is the way to approach this requirement.

    - Reviving old threads and making pointless posts will not be tolerated and will be monitored. Fair warning.

    - Attempts to create multiple accounts to enter will be monitored.

    - Entrants must be a resident of and residing in South Africa.

    - Entry into the competition closes at 11AM, Wednesday, 6 February 2013.

    Winner announce

    - On Wednesday, 6 February 2013, the winner will be chosen.

    - The winners will be announced in this thread, as well as in a new thread in the MyGaming competition forum.

    - Reminders will be sent out via the MyGaming Twitter stream and MyGaming Facebook page.


    The competition starts now. Good luck and have fun!

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    I really enjoy the bigger pictures. As a bit of feedback: when looking at the main site with the iPad chrome browser there seems to be no formatting (looks like a news website from 1999 ). On the PC it's fine.

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    From the other thread, just like, in case you don't read that one again ...... heh

    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto_Helix View Post
    Thanks for the heads up Ly. Ye wow, very needed and superb quality upgrade. Pats on the back all round, really mean it, it's definitely very 2013.
    - There is no proof any of us are even alive -
    - - - -

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    I like it, big pictures with simpler, flatter design. Still getting used to it, but overall it's good

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    Its going to take some getting use to but I love it.

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    There's a GIF for that MetalSoup's Avatar
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    Feb 2009


    I like it a lot more than the old design. Now we just need that forum search button in the menu that we've been promised for years

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    I love the new modern look. It really is a major improvement from the old site. Nicely done!

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    StaggerLee's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Behind the boerewors curtain


    I like the new layout, but I don't like the new font. Is that being too pedantic?

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    I agree with Staggerlee. New layout looks great. Think the text font could be better though

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    Overall, a very nice improvement and a much more modern looking site. Loving the bigger pictures and more simplistic look.

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