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Thread: Farms do not deserve more police focus: Police Minister

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    Default Farms do not deserve more police focus: Police Minister

    Farms are not special and do not deserve to have more police focus than any other area in the country, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said on Thursday.

    "What I have refused to accede to is [the idea] that farms are special areas in our society," he said at a New Age breakfast briefing in Johannesburg.

    "No, they are not. They are part and parcel of the rural safety plan."

    He said the plan dealt with crime more here: Farms do not deserve more police focus: Police Minister

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    This guy is an idiot. Farms provide food, materials, export goods, etc. which are the backbone of our economic security. If farms falter then so does the country. Wonder what he will say when farmers have to start hiring security and charging higher prices and the number of skilled farmers and farm workers decrease due to murders and them leaving for safer areas, countries, etc.

    The short sightedness and stupidity of our government knows no bounds :|

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    And in other news, I have now deciding to start subsistence farming in my yard. Feasibility study to follow shortly.
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    way to go Mr Mthethwa, ensuring food security is not a good use of police resources

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    Cause the white boers who feed 50mil people are not important. Cause they are white.

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