I thought of opening this thread since I'm a pretty good PvPer in WoW. I'm currently playing on a private arena tournament server (TBC) due to absolutely hating WotLK PvP, but the skill level there is pretty high, equal to rated.

I've gotten 2200 rating as Druid/Warrior, playing both sides, 1900 playing RMP as Rogue, 1800 as an Elemental Shaman/BM Hunter (playing Shaman) and I've got a pretty good understanding of how to PvP.

Regardless of class, I can say pretty conclusively that PvP on its own. You're probably looking at 50% PvP skill, 50% class skill.

Anyway, my idea in starting this is to give people advice on PvPing, arena specifically. If you have any questions or need any help with any class let me know and I'll post some tips. I'm pretty good with most classes.

In general I'll expand this to explain PvP as a general subject but I wanted to see if this would work/be helpful to anyone :P